5 Tastier Trail Mix Snacks

5 Tastier Trail Mix Snacks

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5 Tastier Trail Mix Snacks

5 Tastier Trail Mix Snacks

Bored of trail mix? Mix things up for your mouth with these new versions of the beloved snack that go beyond just raisins and peanuts!

If you've spent any time on the trail, you've surely been introduced to “GORP”—an acronym for “Good Old Raisins and Peanuts” and an insider term for trail mix. This snack is the answer for when explorers need a boost of energy. But, what about when your taste buds are bored with the basics? Try one of these creative variations on the original that use dried fruits, exotic nuts, and unexpected ingredients instead of the standard raisins and peanuts. After all, what excites the seasoned hiker more than a new experience, or—in this case—a new flavor?

Autumn Blend

Combine: pecans, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, dried apples, and dried cranberriesCelebrate the season with fruits of fall the harvest, like apples and cranberries. The “Autumn Blend” is also packed with nuts and pumpkin seeds, which are both great sources of minerals (like magnesium and zinc).

Caffeine Kick

Combine: cereal (e.g., Cheerios), roasted coffee beans, chocolate chips and raisins

Consider this breakfast—in a bite. The “Caffeine Kick” is certain to awaken the adventurer: it features cereal and raisins plus a dose of caffeine. Plus, the sweet chocolate offsets the bitter coffee bean, making this an easy on-the-go alternative to a cup of coffee.

Caribbean Mix

Combine: cashews, macadamia nuts, banana chips, coconut flakes, and dried mangos

The “Caribbean Mix” features warm-weather fruits for a sweet snack that’s reminiscent of the islands. These exotic flavors are certain to please the active—whatever the climate.

Not a fan of dried mangos? Feel free to substitute dried pineapple chunks.

Greek Goodness

Combine: almonds, pistachios, yogurt-covered pretzels, dried peaches, and dried plums

This Greek-themed trail mix is inspired by the bounty of the nation and its islands. It embraces the flavors of the Mediterranean—wherever the excursion.

Dark Chocolate Deluxe

Combine: almonds, pretzels, dark chocolate chips, dried cherries, and sea salt

Here, a delicious combination of salty and sweet creates a luxurious snack. The “Dark Chocolate Deluxe” is so decadent it could be considered a dessert. So, treat yourself. You’ve earned it.

All of these blends can be stored in plastic baggies, or—for the eco-conscious hiker—stashed away in reusable sacks and added to your travel pack.

The combinations for upgraded trail mix are virtually endless! Do you have a favorite recipe or secret ingredient when it comes to trail mix? Share your ideas with your fellow adventurers below!

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