4 Amazing Co-Working Spaces Abroad for Remote Workers 

people in a Thailand cafe

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people in a Thailand cafe

Ready to ditch the cubicle for something better? Consider a month-long membership at a beautiful co-working space abroad. These four gorgeous spots offer Instagram-worthy perks that empower you to work remotely wherever you roam.

Working remotely gives you the unique flexibility to do your job from anywhere. And for digital nomads, that means not only ditching the cubicle, but the home office, too. Nowadays, the best co-working spaces around the globe offer monthly memberships and unique perks. Some even have a separate living area so you can stay onsite.

If you dream of working abroad, all you’ll need to do is book a plane ticket (OK, OK, and check those pesky visa requirements for each country, too.), pack your duffel or backpack, and get ready for an adventure while you escape the usual 9 to 5. Here are the four best co-working to inspire your digital nomad wanders.

1. Dojo Bali in Bali Indonesia

Ready to trade the cubicle for the beach? You’ll fit in perfectly at Dojo Bali, a hip co-working space with a distinctly indoor/outdoor vibe. Work on your laptop next to the workspace’s tropical pool and gardens. And when you need a break, slip your computer into a backpack that doubles as a laptop bag and hit the beach, which is only a one-minute walk away. Luckily, world-class hiking is nearby, too. At Dojo Bali, you can actually hear the waves while you compute, which may be the ideal setup if you love the surf.

Other perks of this amazing co-working space include an onsite smoothie shack, air-conditioned conference rooms, and regularly scheduled community events. You can even stay in the living space if you don’t want to book your own accommodations.

2. Volumes Co-working in Paris, France

If working in a vibrant European city like Paris is on your bucket list, book a daily or monthly pass at Volume Paris. At this unique co-working hub, you’ll find an innovator’s paradise, with a maker’s design workshop space and Food lab, a test kitchen for food and beverage entrepreneurs to create and test their products out. (You may even get to taste-test occasionally.) Plus you’ll be situated in one of the best cities in the world for art, culture, and food to enjoy after your workday is complete.

3. PUBLICO Puebla 403 in Mexico City, Mexico

Want to try working somewhere new, without traveling too far from home? Mexico City is only a few hours from many major U.S. cities. At PUBLICO Puebla 403, which is part of a network of four co-working spaces around the city, you’ll find a modern, bright space decorated by local artists. There’s even a café onsite where you can order delivery and sample some of the best tacos around—all without leaving your desk. The community also offers 24/7 security and a rooftop terrace where you can mingle with other remote workers for happy hour after a long day.

4. Cartel House, Cape Town, South Africa

If you want to get off the beaten path and far away from your day-to-day (while still enjoying a high-speed wireless connection) pack your bags and book a flight to Cape Town, South Africa. Settle in at Cartel House, a beautiful space worthy of a design magazine with members-only perks like rooftop pool access, an in-house gym with group classes, on-site baristas, bar, and more. On the weekends, you’ll find endless opportunities for hiking and exploring just minutes away from your “office.”

These incredible co-working space prove that you don’t necessarily have to quit your job to travel the world. Working remotely may seem foreign at first. But with digital nomad communities around the globe, plus amazing co-working space perks, you are guaranteed to feel at home in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Head out into the world and tag us on social media with a photo of you working from your favorite co-working space!

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