13 Unmistakable Signs You're an Expert Traveler

13 Unmistakable Signs You're an Expert Traveler

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13 Unmistakable Signs You're an Expert Traveler

13 Unmistakable Signs You're an Expert Traveler

True expert travelers have learned how to get free Wi-Fi anywhere, know exactly how many socks to pack per trip, and much more. Find out if you've earned the title!

We've all seen novice travelers. There's the person who holds up the line at the airport because he can't find his boarding pass. There's the person red in the face because she can't access Wi-Fi to send an important email. And there's the person who has to wear smelly socks for days, because he forgot to pack extra pairs.

You, on the other hand, are on your way to becoming an expert traveler. To find out how far you've come in earning the title, check out these 14 signs from Gabe, Tim, and Veronica at Eagle Creek.

1. You pack earplugs.

You always travel with earplugs because you refuse to lose sleep over crying babies, noisy hostels or a traffic jam outside your window.

2. You use a carry-on.

Carrying on your luggage, rather than checking one, ensures that the airline won't lose it.

3. You wear slip-on shoes to the airport.

Why waste precious minutes untying your laces when you could be taking advantage of the airport's free Wi-Fi?

4. You use Pack-It organizers.

When items are thrown randomly into your suitcase, it's harder to find them when you need them. Plus, they're more likely to end up wrinkled if they're not properly folded in your bag. Pack-it organizers give every item in your luggage a designated home.

5. You know how to navigate public transportation anywhere.

You know that cabs are simply a waste of money. You did your homework and studied the subway, bus and train systems before leaving for your destination to save cash.

6. You have Plan B and C ready.

Plan A won't always pan out, so it always helps to have backup ideas. For instance, if your picnic in the park idea is scuttled by a rainstorm, know which museum you want to visit.

7. You know key phrases and local cultural customs of the places you visit.

On the way to your destination, learn key terms, such as "hello," "goodbye" and "Where is the bathroom" in the correct language.

8. You always travel with sunscreen.

You've learned the hard way that sunburns can happen anywhere and anytime—not just in the summer on the beach.

9. You examine the mattress before putting your bags down in any room.

It's always smart to scour any hotel room—especially the bedding—for bedbugs.

10. You pack extra underwear.

You may not mind wearing a shirt or a pair of pants a few times, but nobody wants to wear underwear multiple times, so carry extra for peace of mind.

11. You know how to get free Wi-Fi.

You've figured out how to access Wi-Fi at the airport for free or you bring a hotspot with you wherever you go.

12. You have your ID and boarding pass easily accessible at the airport.

You move efficiently through lines and never hold anyone up because you're prepared. You stow away all your important documents in a neck wallet.

13. You know when the meal carts come on a plane:

You want to sleep, but not if it means missing a meal, so you time your naps accordingly.

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