10 Best New Adventure Travel Accessories

10 Best New Adventure Travel Accessories

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10 Best New Adventure Travel Accessories

10 Best New Adventure Travel Accessories

The top 10 most intriguing new innovations in adventure travel accessories. Whether you’re trying to become a more streamlined packer, capture cooler action snapshots or keep your electronics safe in the great outdoors, these innovative new travel items will get you on the fast track to becoming a better equipped—and always prepared—adventure traveler.

We searched high and low for the travel industry’s most exciting and experimental new adventure travel accessories, and feel confident you won’t make it through the resulting list without discovering a cool new way to become better-prepared for your next getaway. Which of these will change the way you adventure?

1. Space Savers

Ever wish your travel bag was bottomless when packing for a big trip? You can make it seem that way with Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Compression Cubes. These clever cubes allow you to keep your bag organized and efficient by reducing the volume of your travel wardrobe. Just pack the cubes as normal before closing the secondary compression zipper and ta da!—more space for the rest of the items on this list.

2. A Reliable Thirst Quencher

The Freedom Steripen gives you the flexibility to forgo pricey bottled water and drink H20 around the world both from questionable taps and suspicious freshwater sources. Using UV light and powered by a USB rechargeable battery, the pen filters 40 half liters of water on a single charge. Not only will the environment thank you for your lack of single-use plastics, but your wallet will as well when this purchase pays for itself.

3. A Solar Source

Free yourself from the outlet. The Goal Zero Switch 8 Recharging Kit keeps you and your electronics on the go longer with an ultra-lightweight power supply fueled by foldable solar panels. The perfect companion for hiking trips and wilderness adventures, this pocket-sized companion will ensure you don’t have to ascend without your favorite tunes in your earphones.

4. A Watch to Watch

Yup, it still tells time. But the Suunto Ambit2 goes so far beyond your typical timepiece, the comparisons pretty much end there. As the first GPS watch with thousands of tracking apps for running, swimming, cycling, and hiking, there’s hardly a better tool out there for the outdoor adventure enthusiast and explorers. Just get moving—Ambit will take care of the rest.

5. Backpack Snap Straps

It’s your luggage’s prerogative to change its mind, right? Now your No Matter What Duffel doesn’t have to commit to being just a duffel or a roller – it can be a backpack too. With the simple addition of a Quick Snap Strap, you can get your bag off your shoulder, off the floor, and up on your back for convenient and comfortable carry. Just watch out—your suitcase might get jealous.

6. A Touch Sensitive Light Source

The convenience of a headlamp packed with features is compromised if you have to free your hands to fiddle with the settings. Enter Black Diamond’s new Spot Headlamp, which allows pre-dawn or post-dusk adventurers to adjust brightness with a simple tap on the lamp’s touch sensitive housing. You can’t make the sun rise any faster, but you can illuminate the path ahead.

7. A Water Friendly Smartphone Case

There’s nothing like a soggy smartphone to put a serious damper on your trip. Lifeproof’s newest release, the nüüd case, is designed to protect your device while keeping the screen bare and open to direct touch – even underwater. Now you can take your smartphone along on all your aquatic adventures. After all, what’s the point of an early morning SUP if you can’t brag about it a bit on Instagram?

8. A Cleverly Concealed Money Clip

The innovative GDC Money Clip money clip wields much more than your average wallet. In addition to holding up to five cards, it conceals a 1.75 inch stainless steel blade perfect for slicing up a mango after a long day of hiking, or opening the box of souvenirs you mailed home to yourself. Though clearly, you’ll have to restrict this one to non-airline involved adventures (good luck getting this bad boy past the TSA).

9. A Camera to Capture it All

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a great camera worth? We could use plenty to gush about the Canon Powershot D20. This pocket-sized memory maker remains waterproof up to 33 feet, temperature resistant from 14°F to 104°F, and is loaded with a GPS tracker, in case you forget exactly which idyllic stretch of sand is which. And if you’re after the colder kind of powder, rest assured that all buttons are accessible even below gloved fingers, making this camera the perfect companion from sea to ski and everything in between.

10. Relief from Grief

If motion sickness is keeping you from adventures by air and by sea, breathe a “psi” of relief—travelers are raving about the results of Psi Motion Relief wristbands. These waterproof and action-ready wristbands use acupressure to alleviate symptoms of nausea. So hop on that helicopter tour – freed from the fear of losing your lunch, now you can focus on losing that fear of flying.


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