Video: How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Have you ever been “that person” in the TSA security line? You know, holding up the line while impatient travelers tap their feet and glare. Well, you’re not alone. Eagle Creek’s frequent traveler, Jessica Dodson, is here to save you from those security line troubles and show you how to get through airport security faster. Featured Products: Tarmac Carry-On Wayfinder Backpack 20L Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cube Set Pack-It Original™ Quick Trip Silicone Bottle Set Find Your Unknown at


The airport security line is the last place you want to fumble through your baggage or hope that you’ve dumped every last piece of metal on your person. Instead, plan smartly before you leave home and make yourself a system so that you can zoom through airport security faster. 


First and foremost, getting yourself TSA PreCheck is ultimately best problem-solver. No need to take off shoes, scramble for your laptop, or dig for toiletries. Not to mention, the line is generally must quicker. Just saying. 

However, if you do not have TSA PreCheck like many of us, the video demonstrates the following steps for a stress-free experience at airport security. Keep in mind: It all starts with how you back beforearriving at the airport. Getting through security fast comes down to preparing for each aspect of the screening process and knowing what you can can bring on a plane so that you face no unexpected snags, thus ensuring that you get through faster—and less frazzled.


Packing Organizers



  • Separate your toiletries in such a way that the liquids go into a 3-1-1 pouch, and the rest in another toiletry bag. This way, the bulk of your non-liquid toiletries stay in your carry-on bag, and you only need to remove the controlled liquids at security.
  • That being said, don’t try and bend the 3 oz. bottle rule. Even if you have 2-ounces left in a 4-ounce bottle, it’s considered breaking the rules. Pack the right size of TSA-approved bottles so you breeze through this part of airport security. 


Plane Outfit

  • If you do have TSA PreCheck, pack the right travel shoes, meaning avoid shoes with metal buckles. Otherwise, you’ll have to take off your shoes like everybody else in line (totally defeating the whole purpose!). 
  • Also, many people prefer wearing shoes that allow socks so you’re not barefoot and vulnerable waiting to walk through the metal detector. 
  • In some cases, jewelry can be problematic—try not to wear too much onto the plane so this doesn’t trip you up.


Last-minute Tips

  • Drink your water! If you realize there’s some left in that bottle last-minute, hydrate immediately before getting it taken away completely. You can refill once inside. 
  • Have your passport/ID and ticket ready using a handy RFID Travel Wallet. Properly packing your passport and boarding passes is an often overlooked part of quickly navigating airport security, but the security guards and passengers behind you will appreciate it (and you’ll get through faster!).


What goes in the bins?

  • Personal item and carry-on bag? Nope, these two items don’t need a bin. . Set both straight on the conveyor belt. 
  • Now, do a body scan from head to toe. Sunglasses, jacket, belt, keys, phone, shoes—all go into a bin.
  • Pull out that previously organized 3-1-1 pouch with liquids, and throw that on top.
  • Laptop—YES, this gets its own bin and you should have this easily accessible in a laptop bag with easy external zipper pocket access. To take your packing to the pro level, and to truly getting through airport security as fast as possible, use a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag—these bags feature a compartment with butterfly-style opening that lays directly on the conveyor belt. No extra bin required and it zips back into place in a flash.

Lastly, wait for your items to go through the conveyor belt before walking all the way through security. This is generally required and communicated but remember—you’re a pro at this point and don’t need to be told. 

And that’s it travelers! Follow these simple tips and enjoy your safe (and speedy) flight to destinations unknown.


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By Caila Ball-Dionne on June 13, 2019

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