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July 28th, 2015

Buying Guide: Day Packs for Travel, Laptop Bags and Backpacks

Any seasoned traveler knows that day trips -- sightseeing, hiking, or other active pursuits -- require a decent amount of gear. You'll need snacks, water, potentially a light jacket, and anything else specific to whatever activity you'll be doing. Do you want to lug all of that around in a large, heavy backpack? Probably not. That's why we've perfected the art of smart, organized, lightweight daypacks and travel bags -- so you enjoy your day trip, with all the things you need, without having a bag that weighs you down. Plus, our bags are filled with all kinds of smart nooks and crannies to stash your gear in easy-to-find places. 


Most Eagle Creek Day Travelers™ have integrated All Ways Secure™ functionality which feature (1) Anti-Theft qualities like lockable zippers, RFID blocking technology and hidden Passport pockets, (2) Digital protection for electronics including tablet and laptop sleeves, and (3) Personal Safety features like reflectivity, a light attachment loop and safety whistle. We've begun to integrate these travel smarts into our bags because we truly care about making sure you get the best protection of our your bag.

With so many style options, it can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect travel day bag. This guide is your one-stop-shop to help you find your perfect everyday travel bag based on how you're planning to use it.

Packable day packs can be the perfect solution if you're going to be on a trip where you'll be doing day excursions and don't want to lug all your stuff.


Features: All Ways Secure™, lockable zippers, RFID Blocker pocket, Central Lock Point, laptop and tablet sleeves, reflectivity, light attachment, water resistant, overhead bin compatible and TSA-friendly

Recommended use: Minimalist adventure travel, student, business travel, and day trips

Backpacks make a great travel buddy. Eagle Creek's line of backpacks range from ultra lightweight and packable daypacks, to larger, more fully-featured, adventure or business-worthy travel backpacks. Depending on your needs around weight and organization, a backpack can accommodate a quick day trip or longer backpacking excursions, and we've got lots of options for you.

Shoulder Bags

Features: All Ways Secure™, lockable zippers, Secure-Zip™ Toggles, RFID Blocker pocket, Central Lock Point, laptop and tablet sleeves, reflectivity, light attachment, water resistant, overhead bin compatible and TSA-friendly

Recommended use: Students, business travel and bike commuters

Need a practical, organized, laptop case for meetings and business travel? The Convertabrief is one of our business briefs that converts from a messenger bag to backpack. So that's a great bag for business travel. Are you traveling to someplace not all that safe and are concerned about security? Consider looking at Eagle Creek's wide-selection of backpacks - there's nothing like the comfort of close-to-body security. Alternatively, a business tote is a simple and stylish option. Many of these have roller-bag compatible straps to make moving through airports and between meetings easy and wrinkle-free.

Having the right laptop bag is a good step in ensuring your electronics are safe and secure when you're out and about. It's a good idea to have something specifically designed for laptops.

Waist Bags

Features: All Ways Secure™, RFID Blocking, lockable zippers, lightweight, reflectivity, pockets

Recommended use: Adventure travel, international travel, sightseeing, hiking

Ah yes. The fanny pack. It may not have the best reputation but sometimes you just need to keep your belongings close so they're easy to access and safe from pickpockets. (And let's face it... we kinda LOVE them.) We've been able to keep the neon colors at bay and simply offer you a practical, useful waist pack that will simplify your travels. It's a classic for a reason.


Features: Secure-Zip™ Toggles, hidden Passport Pocket, laptop and tablet sleeves, reflectivity, lightweight, TSA-friendly, built-in wallet

Recommended use: Business travel, daily use, international or domestic travel

Sometimes you need to blend your practical needs with everyday style. If you're looking for a handbag that will carry everything you need, while keeping your personal items organized, our handbags and totes are the perfect solution. With a range of options in all different sizes, we have a style that will work for your daily needs -- whether it's a super stylish convertible laptop bag or a briefcase that will hold your tablet. 

A lightweight backpack is the perfect travel companion because it won't add any additional weight to what you're already carrying.

Wallets & Organizers

Features: RFID Blocker pockets, built-in wallet, Passport pocket, slip pocket organizer 

Recommended use: Daily use, international and domestic travel

One of the most important things you carry on a daily basis is your wallet. It stores your credit cards, cash and most of your other daily necessities. While traveling, a wallet is even more important since it's where you'll carry your travel documents, passports tickets and other important information. Our bi-fold wallets are perfect for every day use, while a RFID Crossbody Organizer is a great option for a lady who wants the option to wear her wallet over her shoulder sometimes, and carry it as a clutch at other times. Another important travel consideration to keeping your valuables safe from theft is a money belt or secret stash -- you never know when shady characters could be after your goods. 


Features: All Ways Secure™, RFID Blocker pocket, lockable zippers, electronics pocket, reflectivity, ultra-light, convertible, packable, water resistant, hydration bladder, lightweight bags, compression straps

Recommended use: Adventure travel, international and domestic travel, day trips, hiking

We may have mentioned we're a bit obsessed with organized, lightweight travel. Our category of Ultra-Lights keeps expanding: ultra-light bags with minimal organization, packables, and convertible bags that transform from one style to another. We love bags with multiple carry options - and so we've designed options whereby something that can be a duffle bag one second, can be a backpack the next. Cool right? There's nothing better than an ultra-light bag that can expand and then pack down into a built-in pocket depending on your needs at that very moment.

A travel daypack is perfect for trips with your friends when you don't want to have to carry everything you have with you for a single day excursion.

Laptop & Tablet Bags

Features: All Ways Secure™, lockable zippers, Secure-Zip™ Toggles, RFID Blocker pocket, Central Lock Point, laptop and tablet sleeves, reflectivity, light attachment, water resistant, overhead bin compatible and TSA-friendly

Recommended use: Business travel, daily use, international or domestic travel

Business travelers and students who are always on the go: Never fear. We've got you covered. With a wide range of stylish, lightweight, and super organized laptop backpackslaptop bags and electronics organizer, we can outfit any tech-loving traveler. Take a look around.

A cross body travel bag is a great thing to have for trips where you'll need to easily access your stuff.

RFID Blocking Technology

You may have noticed that we've mentioned RFID blocking technology quite a few times. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, we'll fill you in on why it's so important to us -- and why it should be to you. RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification) is gaining popularity with credit card companies, governments and other entities. It's a chip that's being inserted into credit cards and Passports that's used to identify and track information. You can imagine the mayhem that would ensue if someone were able to pick up and steal your personal information. It'd be an absolute nightmare. And unfortunately, with the right technology, it's possible: your information can be recorded, cloned and used to steal your identity and commit credit card fraud. For this reason, we have a slew of products that incorporate RFID blocking technology to keep your information safe, whether you're traveling to another country or just down the road.

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