Foil pickpockets around the world by keeping your items secure. Neck wallets, our best travel money belts, and RFID blocker wallets offer the peace of mind you need on the road. Get the theft insurance you deserve.

Secure your funds with a travel money belt or travel pouch

Head into town knowing that your travel documents like your passport, boarding pass, insurance policy information, and more are protected. Carry them along with an undercover money belt that works better than a standard waist pack or fanny pack for keeping you incognito. The money belt or neck pouch does its best work by remaining unseen and acting as a hidden pocket for anything you don't need to frequently access. The best money belt for worried travelers is our RFID blocking money belt that can secure your information from even high-tech thieves.

Our unisex money belts also offer a comfortable wear for long travel. An elastic strap gives you the perfect fit. The back panel is moisture wicking, so you can wear it in hot climates or even let it double as a running belt. Zippered pockets secure everything from paper and hotel keycards to your iPhone or Android.

RFID blocking and other wallet features

If a hidden money belt isn't your style, or you want something more accessible than a money pouch, a hanging travel wallet is best for you. This money belt alternative protects credit cards, debit cards, hotel keys, driver's license, and more. A zipper pocket prevents items from falling out and it easily tucks into other secure travel gear, like your travel bag. Adjust the neck strap for a comfortable fit that doesn't hang too low.

International travel can be daunting. While airport security can keep your luggage safe, RFID blocking technology can keep your information safe. Try our RFID Blocker Neck Wallet for RFID protection wherever you go.

Durable Eagle Creek construction

Your travel may not always go as smoothly as you'd like. That's why our high-quality money belts and neck pouches are made with life in mind. Ripstop nylon prevents the abrasions and tears that come from rough handling or years of wear. Our silk line of money protection offers moisture- and water-resistant fabrics, keeping your important documents drier for longer. When it comes time to clean, keep peak gear in peak condition. Our money belts and wallets are ​washable by hand.