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Travel Wallets

Protect your cash, cards, ID, and passport while traveling with our travel wallets designed to keep you safe from pickpockets. We have various women’s and men’s travel wallets and money belts, including undercover wallets designed to organize your essential travel documents and prevent them from getting lost or stolen. Buy your travel wallet today.

Travel Wallets FAQs

What is a travel wallet?

Traveling wallets are essential travel accessories designed to help you easily store and protect your travel documents, credit cards, cash, and ID. Many travel wallets are equipped with RFID blockers to prevent people from stealing your valuable information. Additionally, they’re meant to be hidden or directly attached to your body to prevent accidental loss and theft. 

What are the benefits of a travel wallet?

The main benefits of a travel wallet are that you won’t accidentally leave your money and important travel documents somewhere. We’ve all forgotten to put our wallets back in our pockets and purses at one point, so a travel wallet provides you with an extra level of protection. 

You can hide travel wallets in your clothing or wrap them around your body in a waist bag so thieves can’t easily take them from you. Because travel wallets remain with you at all times, they’re much safer than keeping your regular wallet in your travel backpack, duffel bag, pocket, or purse. 

Are travel wallets safe from pickpockets?

Some travel wallets are safe from pickpockets, but it ultimately depends. Unlike other wallets you might throw into your luggage, travel wallets are designed to stay connected to you to prevent theft. 

For example, undercover money belts that strap to the inside of your belt and act as an extra pocket are safe from pickpockets because they won’t even know your wallet is there. Additionally, a travel wallet for women that acts as an undercover bra stash is safe from pickpockets because they don’t have access to it. 

Why should I buy a travel wallet from Eagle Creek?

Eagle Creek’s travel wallets are designed to protect your money and important travel documents. With undercover travel wallets, your money is safe from pickpockets and thieves. In addition, they attach to your clothing or body to prevent you from accidentally leaving them in a busy airport or restaurant. Browse our collection to find undercover and RFID wallets for travel so you can keep your belongings safe and secure.