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We're on a roll with our luggage bags

Whether you're backpacking or walking through an airplane aisle with your carry-on luggage, you need a duffel bag or carry-on size spinner luggage that can get you where you need to go. Leave stress (and size restriction fears) behind with our carry-on bags that will get you where you need to go. Whether you need a spinner, or prefer a two wheeled bag, find the right fit for you with Eagle Creek.

Durability and Expandable Storage? Check and check.

We totally understand just how important A-list accessories are to a smooth trip around the world. From sleeping bags to hip belts and a TSA-approved lock, travel anywhere in the United States or around the world with ease. If you need a bit more flexibility on the move, opt for an expandable spinner and compression straps that can handle anything life has in store. Plus, most of our water-resistant wheeled carry-on travel bags have two wheels and the main compartment is complete with dividers and plenty of packing space. With our rolling luggage, there's no need to stress about storing your dirty clothes separate from your other essentials.

All of the Eagle Creek luggage is made out of durable materials, and backed by our No Matter What™ Warranty.

Luggage Bags

Shop luggage bags, travel luggage, travel bags for people of all ages, and more. Eagle Creek luggage & travel bags come in a wide variety of sizes and options that provide stylish travel with all the benefits of durable luggage. Choose from carry-on luggage bags, Eagle Creek Gear Warrior luggage, rolling bags, travel backpack bags, and wheeled luggage options. From your classic black luggage look, to bright and bold options like our arctic green travel bags. Eagle Creek’s line of luggage bags is sure to have what you are looking for!

Luggage Bags FAQs

What Size Luggage Do I Need?

The answer to this question will depend on the length of your trip and the items that are absolutely necessary. Below are some general recommendations for types of luggage that will provide size needed.

Trip Length 1-2 days: Smaller luggage bag options will be perfect for a short trip. Travel bags, travel totes, duffels, rolling bags, underseat carry-ons, and garment bags are ideal.

Trip Length 3-7 days: Travel luggage bag options will be required for longer trips. Large duffels, carry-on luggage, medium size check in luggage, and larger options like rolling luggage will provide the packing space needed.

Trip Length 7+ days: Large luggage bags, travel luggage, large check in luggage, check-in luggage, rolling luggage, check-in garment bags and oversized travel bags like rolling duffels are necessary when packing for lengthy trips.

What Size Is Carry-on Luggage?

The standard carry-on luggage size for most domestic airlines is 22” x 14” x 9” but it is always best to check individual airline restrictions as sizes may vary. Some airline companies may list measurements like the example above, while others choose to add all three dimension measurements to get a single limit. For example, 22 x 14 x 9 would be 45 total linear inches.

If you are flying, make sure to check your airline’s published size limits checked luggage and carry-on luggage bags. Again, size limits can vary from carrier to carrier so, versatile options like convertible carry-on luggage can be helpful, and make sure to double check before departing. The route of your flight, the kind of ticket you purchased (first / business class vs economy / coach) and even some airline’s frequent flier incentives can affect luggage measurement restrictions.

While carry-on luggage size restrictions may limit your travel bag selection, these limits are in place to ensure passenger safety. They also maximize the efficiency of the space in the limited above head storage so that more passengers are able to bring carry-on luggage and a personal item as they board.

How Do You Measure Luggage?

To measure your luggage bag or suitcase, first stand it upright (with wheels on the bottom for rolling luggage) and the extension handle on top. Begin measuring your travel luggage from the bottom of the wheels or travel bag all the way to the tallest part. This is the height of your luggage and is the measurement that is most important for carry-on luggage.

Next, lay your travel luggage on its side and measure the width from side to side at the widest part. This is most likely the back of a soft sided suitcase. Generally speaking, hard shell luggage is symmetrical and you won’t have to worry about the width varying from top to bottom.

Finally, it’s time to measure your travel bag, suitcase, or luggage depth. To get an accurate measurement of the depth of your luggage, lay it flat on its back. Then, measure from the front to the back without expanding the bag to ensure the correct measurement.

Depending on the style of your travel luggage and amount of items packed, this measurement can vary widely. Soft-side luggage that is stuffed full will have a much different depth measurement than when in its unpacked form. Similar to the height, the depth measurement it critical for carry-on luggage because the travel bag must fit into the aircraft’s overhead compartments.