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Travel Folder

Keep your favorite clothes clean and wrinkle-free with our travel folders, designed with folding boards to prevent wrinkles. These travel folders for clothes are designed to fit in most carry-on bags and allow you to make room for more clothes with compression features that help you organize your suitcase. Order your travel folder organizer today.

Travel Folder FAQs

What is a travel folder? 

A travel folder or travel folder organizer is a small compression bag that prevents clothes from wrinkling in your suitcase. With a travel folder, you can protect your clothes from other items in your bag, like shoes or hiking gear. In addition, they make your luggage more compact and organized so you can fit more items in it.

What can you put in a travel folder? 

Travel folders are typically designed for clothing, and the amount of clothes you can put in them varies. Their main point is to ensure your dress clothes remain crisp and wrinkle-free while sitting in your suitcase.

How can you organize a travel folder? 

Travel folders typically come with a folding board to help you organize your clothes and professionally fold them so they’re ready to wear when you arrive at your destination. The folding board also ensures your clothes are folded to the correct size to fit within the compression bag.

What are the benefits of using a travel folder? 

Travel folder organizations can help you separate your favorite clothing items to protect them from dirt and germs they may come into contact with while traveling next to your other belongings. Travel folders also fit in travel backpacks, so they’re ideal for carry-ons.

Travel folders are essential for experienced travelers who need a better way to organize their luggage. Browse our collection of other travel accessories like money belts, compression cubes, and more to learn how to organize your suitcase.

Where can I find a travel folder? 

Eagle Creeks travel folders for clothing are designed to help you organize your suitcase and minimize wrinkles on shirts and slacks. Our travel folders come with a folding board to ensure your clothes are folded to the proper size. In addition, they’re large enough to hold multiple articles of clothing in your luggage, and some of our travel folders for clothes are antimicrobial to combat odor and bacteria.