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  • Migrate Wheeled Duffel Bag 130L

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  • No Matter What Duffel Bag - XL

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  • Cargo Hauler Wheeled Duffel 110L

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Extra Large Duffle Bags

Shop extra large wheeled duffle bags to help you navigate busy airports, streets, and rocky terrain. Our extra large duffle bags are made with high-quality materials to protect your belongings and keep them safe and dry no matter where your next adventure leads.

Extra Large Duffle Bags FAQs

What is the biggest size of extra-large duffle bags?

We carry several extra large duffle bags, including our 130L Cargo Hauler extra large wheeled duffle bag designed to fit all your gear. Additionally, it comes with stowable straps to convert it into a travel backpack. This bag is 34 x 13.75 x 15 inches and weighs just over four pounds, making it ideal for heavy loads.

Our other extra large roller duffle bag, the Migrate Wheeled Duffle Bag, has a 137L capacity and dimensions of 16.25 x 33 x 13 inches.

What can I use an extra large duffle bag for?

You can use an extra large duffle bag for many activities, including:

  • Sports: Store all your sports gear in one extra large duffle and make it easier to carry all your belongings to and from the field.
  • Camping: Extra large duffle bags are ideal for camping because they allow you to pack all your clothes and gear in one bag. Looking for more camping gear? Try our electronics holders and packables.
  • Traveling: Your luggage can make or break your travels. Having too many suitcases can be stressful, but you can replace all your luggage with a single extra large roller duffle bag that’s easy to carry and lightweight. Pair your extra large duffle bag with compression cubes to maximize your space.

Are extra-large duffle bags durable?

Extra large duffle bags for travel are durable and made from abrasion- and water-resistant materials, helping you keep your belongings safe and dry no matter where you go. Each of our extra large duffle bags has unique features and heavy-duty accessories to ensure your bag is easy to carry and able to protect your belongings. All of our extra large duffle bags are also covered by the Eagle Creek Warranty.

Can extra large duffle bags be used as carry-on luggage on airplanes?

Extra large duffle bags for travel are usually too large to be used as carry-on luggage. However, you can check your airline’s requirements to determine if your duffle bag is above the size limits and needs to be checked.

Looking for carry-on luggage? Try our carry-ons, which meet the proper size requirements of most airlines and can carry everything from travel accessories, like your sleep mask, to clothing and important documents.