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2-Wheel Duffle Bags

Effortlessly glide through airports or trek through rugged terrain with our 2-wheel duffle bag, designed for any journey. Our 2-wheeled duffel bags are designed with durable materials to protect your most precious belongings and feature two convenient carry options. Order your duffel bag with wheels today.

2-Wheel Duffle Bags FAQs

What is a 2-wheel duffle bag?

A 2-wheel duffel bag is a type of luggage with wheels on the bottom and a handle on top to help you roll your baggage behind you when you don't want to carry it. Duffel bags can get heavy, and carrying them through crowded airports can be tiring. 2-wheel duffel bags are designed to reduce fatigue whether you're catching a plane or traveling from the airport to your hotel.

What are the benefits of a wheeled duffel?

Wheeled duffel bags are designed to provide lots of space like a regular duffel bag. However, the wheels are a good choice for individuals and families who don't want to carry all their heavy gear. Instead, you can roll your belongings behind you, making traveling much more convenient. Large split 2-wheeled duffels offer more space than traditional, boxy suitcases, and you can roll them when your arms get tired of carrying all your belongings.

Can Eagle Creek's wheeled duffel bag be used as a carry-on?

Some of our 2-wheeled duffel bags are carry-on size. However, always check your airline's website for carry-on size restrictions. Some of our duffels are larger and meant travelers who need extra space for all their gear, so they may not make ideal carry-ons.

If you're looking for a two-wheeled duffel carry-on, try our Cargo Hauler 21.5' International Carry-On. This duffle can be carried like a backpack, in-hand, or wheeled around, and its wheels are designed for off-road with straps that make it easy to carry your duffle however is easiest for you.

What is the difference between a 2-wheel duffel bag and a travel bag?

A travel bag is typically a small bag or suitcase that's used primarily to hold clothing and other essentials, like your keys and wallet. However, a 2-wheel duffle bag is designed to hold all the clothing, essentials, and travel gear you'll need in a single bag without needing multiple suitcases.

Rolling duffle bags are ideal for trips where you need lots of gear like skis, camping essentials, and hiking boots, whereas travel bags are best for weekend trips.

Is it better to travel with a wheeled duffle bag or a backpack?

What's best for you is a matter of preference. Some travelers prefer backpacks because you can carry them hands-free, while others prefer rolling luggage or duffle bags because you can usually pack more clothing and oddly-shaped gear in them.