What to Pack for Belize: The 5-Step Solution


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    What to Pack for Belize: The 5-Step Solution

    Whether you’re lounging on the country's white-sand beaches, hiking through its tropical rainforest, scuba diving at the blue hole, seeking out Mayan ruins, or all of the above, find out what to pack for this Central American destination.

    White sand beaches? It’s got 'em. Breathtaking Mayan ruins? Yeah, they’re there, too. A plethora of outdoor activities, including scuba diving at the longest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere? Yup. A dive in the famous Blue Hole is just another one of the many reasons that you’re eyeing Central America’s Belize as the spot for your next travel adventure!

    Whether you’re planning for fun in the sun during Belize’s dry season (December through May) or a wet rainforest adventure in the rainy season (June through November), figuring out what to put in your suitcase may feel overwhelming. So check out this essential Belize packing list before you head off on your adventure!


    Belize is definitely more of an adventure destination, which means your standard wheeled suitcase might take a beating on your journey. So bring a heavy-duty bag that can endure some rougher handling. Here are our three recommendations:

    • Migrate Duffel 40L: This lightweight carry-on duffel is surprisingly durable: it’s made from water-repellent 900D heavy-duty TPU, so it can handle all your adventures! It also packs flat, making for easy storage when you’re not using the bag.
    • Gear Warrior Wheeled Duffel 110L/34”: If you’re planning on checking a bag, this is the duffel to choose. It’s got tons of space for all your gear, plus extra-tough oversize wheels to help you get it to your destination.
    • Global Companion 65L: If you plan on hopping around when you’re in Belize, use a backpack to haul your stuff from A to B—this one is made from material moisture-wicking material and has an ergonomic design for maximum comfort, plus helpful details like a laptop pocket.
    Migrate Duffel 40L


    Though Belize is a small country, it packs a great deal of climate variety. And because Belize is a small country, you may experience all of those climates during one trip! The coastal beaches are hot (especially during the dry months of December through May), whereas the rainforest is, well, rainy (especially during the rainy season of June through November). In the dry season, prepare for the sun with a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, light layers, and, of course, sunglasses! During the rainy season—and for all rainforest adventures—make mosquito control a priority with tall socks, light, long-sleeved shirts, and light, long pants. Pack quick-drying layers in both climates, which will help combat both precipitation and sweat, and pack a travel rain shell to stay as dry as possible.


    Pro Tip: Keep your clean clothes separated from your dirty wet clothes with a Pack-It™ Reveal Clean/Dirty Cube. The cube’s divider will keep yesterday’s rain- and sweat-soaked clothing from mingling with tomorrow’s fresh outfit.


    It’s easy to forget all of your cares when vacationing in beautiful Belize. Despite the country's picturesque, lush surroundings and friendly locals, travelers need to be wary of crime in Belize. Though the high rate of violent crime is generally related to local gang activity in Belize City, pickpocketing and other crimes target unsuspecting tourists. Be “pocket and pouch aware” when packing for Belize by leaving valuable items (like high-end jewelry or watches) at home, bringing smart storage for cash and credit cards, and invest in a TSA-approved luggage lock. Protect your most valuable documents and credit cards in an RFID money belt or neck wallet that sits underneath your clothes and out of sight.


    Unless you want your Belizean souvenirs to be a sunburn, bug bites, motion sickness, and dehydration, get your travel pharmacy ready! Start with a base of your personal prescriptions and commonly used over-the-counter drugs (like decongestants or allergy medications). Bring your highest SPF for the tropical sun, insect repellant to ward off mosquitoes, and After Bite and aloe for times when your mosquito protection falls short. Pack motion sickness pills for the bumpy roads and choppy boat rides, antacids for any dicey meals, and perhaps some ibuprofen for the aftermath of delicious rum drinks. Though it's not necessary for all parts of Belize, consult with your doctor about malaria prevention prior to your trip, and bring any recommended prescriptions.


    Whether you're interested in prime scuba diving, hiking in a rainforest, fishing, or zip-lining over the treetops, Belize boasts excellent outdoor activity options. Pack an SPF-protectant water shirt for snorkeling in Caye Caulker, and don’t forget your scuba diving certification card for a dive in the famous Blue Hole. Hiking boots (and tall socks!) are a must for rainforest treks in the Sibun National Forest Reserve, and binoculars will make bird watching at Crooked Tree a memorable experience.

    Pro Tip: Leave your suitcase at your hotel and use a packable daypack for excursions during your trip.

    Packable Daypack

    Now that you’ve figured out how to pack for Belize, all that’s left is to board the plane and head for paradise!