Visit Nevis: The Caribbean's Coolest Island Escape

Visit Nevis: The Caribbean's Coolest Island Escape

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Visit Nevis: The Caribbean's Coolest Island Escape

Visit Nevis: The Caribbean's Coolest Island Escape

Looking for an off-the-beaten-path getaway in the Caribbean? Want rainforest, reef, and beach? Consider Nevis, the region’s coolest island escape.

The Caribbean island of Nevis is defined by its intoxicating natural vistas, deserted swaths of sand, and a long-dormant volcanic peak that sits shrouded in cloud—a verdant stairway to heaven. Here, there are no traffic lights and the only semblance of a rush hour is when word gets around that Killer Bee cocktails are two-for-one at Sunshine’s, one of the island’s iconic beach bars.

With a charm that sets it apart from its resort-laden neighbors, Nevis is unspoiled and easy-going, and is fast making a name for itself as the place to be seen in the Caribbean. Visit in May or June to avoid crowds and hurricane season.

Planning your own tropical getaway? Here’s why Nevis is the Caribbean’s coolest island escape.

You Can Choose to Stay at a Heritage Plantation.

The legacy of a once-thriving sugar industry has inspired a number of individuals to restore historic Nevisian plantations over the years, many of which are now open to the public. Connecting you with the lush landscapes of rainforest and reef, the Montpelier Plantation dates back to 1687. Today, the resort offers exceptional hospitality. Vibrant, modern design is juxtaposed against the old stone walls of the plantation’s Great House, and picturesque ocean and volcano views add to its luxurious appeal.

You Might Find Yourself in a Truly Unique Traffic Jam.

For some destinations—like Los Angeles, London, or Tokyo—epic traffic jams are a daily occurrence, and Nevis is no exception. Despite the island’s meager population of some 12,000 inhabitants, it’s not unusual to find yourself stuck on the road behind a line of…animals! Goats, donkeys, and monkeys all roam wild on the island and often find their way onto the road. There’s only one main stretch of asphalt that hugs the coastline, and furry friends regularly cause traffic.

You’ll Definitely Find a Deserted Beach with Ocean and Island Views.

Thanks to the island’s efforts to retain the natural beauty of its coastline, there are miles and miles of untouched, uninhabited beaches to explore. On any given day, whatever the season, you’ll be able to find a secluded spot on the sand without issue. Head down to Lover's Beach (just north of Oualie Beach Resort) for unparalleled views all the way to St. Kitts, lie on Herbert’s Beach and enjoy the rows of royal palms that line the sand, or chill out at the southern end of Pinney’s Beach and snorkel in the warm, sandy shallows.

You Can Travel Light.

Unlike some Caribbean islands, where trendsetters gather on manicured beaches, Nevis doesn’t demand that you pack a vast vacation wardrobe. The island’s relaxed approach to life fosters a “come as you are” attitude to attire. Of course, there are certain places where beach apparel isn’t welcome, but a simple wardrobe of light fabrics, a handful of swimsuits, and some hiking gear will serve you well. Since you don’t need much, you can reduce the risk of lost, checked luggage and travel with a carry-on, instead, like the Load Warrior™ International Carry-On.

You Can Summit a Volcano and Celebrate with a Delicious Drink.

Wherever you stand on the island, Nevis Peak is never far from view. Indomitable in appearance, its summit (3,200 feet—975 meters—above the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea) can be reached via a challenging rainforest hike (so bring a backpack for hiking). On a clear day, gorgeous views across the ocean and over to St. Kitts, St. Eustatius, and Montserrat will make you even more excited to reach the top. Be sure to reward yourself with the aforementioned Killer Bee cocktail at Sunshine’s Beach Bar upon your return. Plan to climb with an experienced guide, as the trail is often unclear.

Whether you’re looking for a beach break or an active getaway, Nevis is the coolest Caribbean destination for an island escape. Do you have any other favorite spots in the Caribbean? Share yours in the comments below!

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