Fill Your Backpack With These Cool Sustainable Travel Essentials

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sustainable backpack

    Fill Your Backpack With These Cool Sustainable Travel Essentials

    As plastic plastic waste reaches crisis point, using sustainable travel gear is a no brainer to lessen the impact of your globetrotting. These eight essentials not only eliminate the need for single-use gear, the most sustainable products actually reuse and repurpose items that would otherwise clog our landfills. 


    Plastic waste is beginning to reach even the most remote locations on earth. It’s everywhere, circulating in our oceans, accumulating in landfills, it’s even been found in the food we eat. 

    However, there are ways to cut down and even eliminate your plastic consumption both every day, and when you’re away from home. To mark the launch of the Eagle Creek and 5 Gyres collaborative collection, these are the best travel buys working hard to bring awareness to—and look for solutions to—the ongoing plastic crisis. 

    These are some of the best sustainable travel essentials for your backpack:


    Renewed Travel Gear with a Lifetime Warranty

    Here at Eagle Creek, we push ourselves to make products that help you reduce the impact of your adventures; every product choice we make is as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible at every step of the manufacturing process. We take used and damaged gear that would normally be trashed and send it to our partners at The Renewal Workshop where it’s cleaned, repaired, and given a new lease of life in our Eagle Creek Renewed collection. Stride proudly on your next hike, safe in the knowledge that your kit is reusable and backed by our industry-leading No Matter What™ warranty. We’ll continue to support you and your gear for a lifetime of adventure.


    Reusable Packing Cubes

    Rather than use single-use plastic bags to organize and separate your gear, travel light with the help of reusable packing cubes. This sustainable travel essential is a favorite of travelers around the world, who tout space-saving packing cubes as one of the most worthwhile and versatile pieces of travel gear they own.

    Ethical Activewear

    Consciously created and ethically manufactured, Samudra’s sustainable activewear is made from regenerated ocean plastic. Literally removing waste from our seas, the brand transforms discarded plastics, such as fishing nets, into timeless activewear that exudes elegance and keeps comfort in mind. They also donate 5% of profits to female-focused conservation projects. 

    Sustainable Swimwear

    Encouraging sustainability through more conscious consumption behavior, all the garments made by sustainable swimwear brand Arkitaip are cut from 100% MASTERS OF LINEN®-certified linen which has a small carbon footprint, is able to grow without harsh chemicals, and is 100% biodegradable. The brand also has a strong focus on an ethical supply chain and the preservation of artisanal skills (their crochet bikini range is handmade). 

    No-Waste Toiletry Storage

    Minimize plastic consumption when you travel by ditching single-use travel minis in favor of reusable silicone minis from Eagle Creek. Our leak-proof, BPA-free silicone bottles conveniently store liquids and gels in a TSA-compliant transparent carry-on. Pair this with an essential toiletry organizer made from recycled materials and bluesign® approved fabrics, and you’re onto a sustainable travel win. 


    Carbon-Neutral Footwear

    Making sneaker boots built to keep up with an active and adventurous lifestyle, Forsake footwear is produced exclusively in ethical factories that support their employees and local communities. They strive to understand the impact their operations have on the environment and have committed to reducing that impact in meaningful and measurable ways by offsetting their footprint to make carbon-neutral products. 

    Ocean-Loving Reusable Water Bottle

    Funding the collection of ocean-bound plastics and supporting the livelihoods of people living on the front lines of the ocean plastic crisis, the purchase of each Ocean Bottle stops 1000 single use plastic bottles entering our seas. Part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic, this is a reusable bottle that feels and looks as good as its green credentials.

    Plant-Based Toothbrush

    Keep your pearly whites in check whilst traveling with this bamboo brush by Bite. It’s 100 percent plant-based—other than the aluminum crimps, which can be recycled. It’s also fully compostable at home (although it will take some time to break down). The detachable head and slimline travel pouch make it easily portable while you’re on the go. 

    From using harvested windshield plastics in our Migrate duffels to incorporating 100% recycled Cordura® poly into our Caldera collection, we’re committed to being part of the solution. Choose sustainable travel essentials next time you need to destash and restock for an adventure.