Written by Kelly Bastone on

Stress less with everything in its place. 

Want peace of mind on your next camping trip? Try organizing your gear in Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Gear Cubes. They make it easy to feel confident that you’ve collected everything you need--and can quickly locate it later. Here’s how. 


Spice Assortment 

Creating a collection of your most-used herbs and spices speeds up the packing process for all your trips, because you don't have to re-think which seasonings to bring every time you head out the door. A small Pack-It Gear Cube makes the perfect container: Coated with a TPU laminate that provides a moisture-resistant barrier between your spices and everything else you've packed, these bags isolate spillable spices and seal out flavor-robbing humidity (rainy weather won't clump up your salt if it's stored in one of these protective sacks). Assembling a spice cube also makes it easy to locate small spice-filled bottles come mealtime. 


Coffee Service 

Scavenger hunts are fun, but not during the first, pre-caffeinated minutes of your day. By turning a Pack-It Gear Cube into a coffee kit, you can quickly lay hands on everything you need for a speedy cuppa joe. The 11-liter, medium-sized cube holds a percolator or French press, plus a portable grinder (for drink aficionados who travel with whole beans) and a bag containing your favorite roast. 



Sport Assortment 

Pack-It Gear cubes turn our Migrate Duffel into a smartly-organized gear locker for your sport of choice, be it hiking, climbing, mountain biking, or fishing. Just dedicate one pouch to trail snacks, another for four-weather clothing, and a third to easily-lost essentials such bike repair tools or climbing carabiners. The cubes’ outrageously durable, 900-denier polyester twill fabric (100 percent recycled) resists punctures and scuffs from poky, abrasive gear. 


Body Care Kit 

Basic toiletries aren’t all you’ll reach for while camping. In addition to the standard tube of toothpaste, you’ll want to pack biodegradable cleansers (such as Castile soap) that don’t pollute the ground when you toss out your washwater. You may also want hydrocortisone ointment and topical antihistamine cream: These aren’t always included in first-aid kits, but are handy for treating insect stings and scrapes. Sunscreen, aloe vera gel, medications and supplements—all of these can fit inside a size Small Pack-It Gear Cube that becomes your one-stop, quick-grab location for all body-care needs. 

Kiddie Pack 

Kiddos have unique needs, as every parent knows, so it’s smart to dedicate a Pack-It Gear Cube to the comforts that can save your day while on the road or trail. Baby sunscreen, an extra sunhat, snacks, a spare pair of pants and diapers or pullups, even junior’s favorite stuffed friend can cluster together in a pouch that easily transitions from car to backpack to picnic table. Small essentials, such as individually-wrapped hand wipes, can slide into the zippered pocket that’s built into the cube’s lid. 


Roadside Recovery Pack 

The remote location of some campsites and trailheads can mean a long wait for roadside assistance, so smart campers pack tools for DIY repairs on flat tires and other common automotive mishaps. You don’t have to be a savvy mechanic, but having repair basics makes it easier for passing motorists to help. Stash a tow rope, tire repair kit, bottle jack and a portable air compressor into a medium-sized Pack-It Gear Cube that accompanies you on every camping trip.