Product Spotlight: Pack-It Specter Tech™

Product Spotlight: Pack-It Specter Tech

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Product Spotlight: Pack-It Specter Tech™

Product Spotlight: Pack-It Specter Tech

The newest addition to the Pack-It series, Pack-It Specter Tech™, redesigned the popular Pack-It Specter™ collection to elevate your packing game.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ system has long been a staple for organized travelers, and now there are even more reasons to fill your bags with its cubes, folders, sacs, and more. After taking a good, hard look at the packing organizers in this system, Eagle Creek made a some improvements that will let you focus less on how you’re packing for your trips and more on the adventures you’ll have once you arrive. These five features of the new Pack-It Specter Tech™ System will make your packing even easier, leaving you more time to focus on the journey ahead.

Newly Engineered and Ultra-Light Fabric

The Pack-It Specter™ cubes are certainly lightweight, but the Pack-It Specter Tech™ line goes even further. With newly engineered and ultra-light fabric, you’ll lighten your load and give your back a break when carrying your pack all day. The new fabric is also translucent, so you can see what’s inside the cubes without having to open them up. Environmentally conscious travelers will be happy to hear that this material is also bluesign® certified sustainable, so it’s a win for the environment, too.

More Protection on the Inside and Outside

The Pack-It Specter Tech™ fabric is coated to ensure water repellency and stain resistance, so your valuable belongings will stay protected from the elements throughout your trip. The interiors of both the Shoe Cube and Tube Cube are sealed and water repellent to keep moisture and dirt contained, protecting the other (clean and dry) items in your bag. Travelers using the Quick Trip Toiletry Bag will appreciate the LinkSeal™ mesh interior lining that keeps spills contained, should they arise.

More Protection Bags on the Inside and Outside

Exciting New Colors

The Pack-It Specter Tech™ offers not only improved fabrics, but also new colors. With both neutral hues and vibrant colors, there’s something for whatever your travel style may be. There are even two-toned options, including black and white, and white and strobe. Buy all your cubes in one shade for consistency, or color-code your belongings by assigning a different color to each category.

Compressed Zippers for Maximum Loading

We’ve leveled up our zipper game by adding self-repairing compressed zippers with climbing rope-inspired pulls. The new design of the Pack-It Specter Tech™ Compression Cubes and Structured Cubes allows travelers to maximize suitcase space by compressing their soft gear, and easily access belongings with the help of two-way zippers—all while being confident those zippers won’t break mid-trip.

Compressed Zipper bags for Maximum Loading

Stronger Handles

Improving on the already effective quick-grab handles in the Pack-It Specter™ system, the Pack-It Specter Tech™ cubes include dual webbing carry handles that are reinforced at attachment points. They’re strong enough that you can hang cubes like the Clean/Dirty cubes for long periods of time without worrying that the weight of the items inside will cause the fabric to tear.

With the Pack-It Specter Tech™ collection, Eagle Creek made some innovative updates to an already successful system. These new and improved favorites will fit nicely inside your bag, meaning any worries about packing will take a backseat to the memories you create while traveling the world.

For more details about how to prepare for your trip, read Eagle Creek’s Ultimate Travel Packing Checklist.

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