Packing Folders: The Secret to Organizing Your Office

Packing Folders: The Secret to Organizing Your Office

Written by Justin Fricke on

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Packing Folders: The Secret to Organizing Your Office

Are you looking for new ways to keep your office tidy and clutter-free? Packing folders are the genius product you didn’t know you needed.

The workplace is tricky. We always want to look our best, and sometimes that requires having an extra outfit in the office. The problem: How do you discreetly store said extra outfit?

In the past people have dealt with the dilemma in a couple ways:

1) Hang the extra outfit on your office door

Lots of men and women do this. Ate leftover spaghetti for lunch and spilled it all over your clothes? Not a problem. Grab that extra shirt, pants, or suit and duck into the restroom for a quick Clark Kent-style costume change.

The problem here is that when a client or even coworkers see the extra outfit hanging day after day in your office, it starts to look a little tacky. Rather than getting the impression that you’re a hard worker, they might think you’re a bit messy and unorganized. There go those lunch invites!

2) Send your personal assistant shopping:

Having a personal assistant is awesome, and your assistant certainly could run out to Macy’s to buy you a change of clothes. The downside? Rather than doing important office work for you, your assistant is spending your money.

The Solution: Use Packing Folders

The better answer is to use packing folders at work. What are packing folders? They’re folders for your clothes, essentially. Rather than hanging up your spare work outfit in your office, simply fold your clothes in a Pack-It® Garment Folder and bring it with you to work. The Pack-It® Garment Folder allows you to pack and compress your clothes without getting them wrinkled.

It’s easy to throw your packed clothes into a briefcase or work bag, as long as they’re in a Pack-It® Garment Folder; then they’re easy to store at work. Put the folders inconspicuously on a bookshelf or in a spare drawer in your desk.

Packing folders can also hold a lot of clothes and keep them in a small space. The Small Garment Folder can hold up to seven shirts with ease. Substitute a couple shirts for a couple pairs of slacks and keep spare outfits at the office. Packing folders are also a great way to get a little extra time in at the gym in the morning before you head to the office. Rather than bringing extra clothes to the gym, grab your shower at the gym and change in the office.

Packing folders are not only useful in the office but also on the road. Lots of professionals have to travel for work, and pretty much everyone can agree that it’s annoying to pack away your clothes, only to unpack wrinkled button-downs in your hotel room a few hours later. The problem? Your clothes got loose in your suitcase. To keep that from happening, pack your clothes in the Pack-It® Garment Sleeve, and then put the sleeve in your suitcase. Your easily wrinkled work clothes will stay in one place—and, crucially, be kept wrinkle free.

Medium packing folders are perfect for the working professional that has to travel. Condense eight to twelve shirts and slacks into one specific area and fits into carryon bags. The company will thank you for not charging that hefty checked baggage fee to the company account.

By using the Pack-It® Garment Folder at work and the Pack-It® Garment Sleeve on the road, you’re keeping your clothes wrinkle-free and organized—so you can focus on the important stuff, like your job.