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Work remote

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Work remote

Working remotely may seem impossible when you’re in the midst of your day-to-day grind, but these career paths embrace remote workers. They make it easy for you to get a job working online from anywhere in the globe.

Working in an office has some perks, but then again … commuting for two hours a day, sitting in meetings galore, and making small talk with co-workers? These types of jobs can all start to feel like a chore after a while.

Nowadays, remote work is easier than ever for those who are over the cubicle life and ready for a change! Do you want the freedom to hit the open road or travel to Bali when you feel like it? That’s when you should start researching remote job online.

Making a career change and working outside of an office may seem scary at first, but the remote and gig economy is alive and well. When you’re ready to travel and work from anywhere your laptop goes (along with a sturdy backpack that holds all your electronics gear) these are four career sectors to consider that embrace remote workers.

Web Developer

It might seem complicated to break into web development—but thanks to fast-paced coding boot camps you can find around the world now; you could complete a course in as little as 13 weeks. And the best news? Just finishing a quick course will qualify you as a junior-level web developer. As you gain more experience, you could easily find remote jobs that pay over $100K a year.

Average salary: $70,000-$100,000

Freelance Designer

If you have a graphic or UX design background, you’re in a good position to work remotely. Freelance designers are in high demand as businesses and companies around the world will hire you to do web or other graphic design work. You can try going alone as an independent contractor and setting your own hourly or project rate. Or, look on a remote job site for a full or part-time position.

If you’re planning to travel or move while working remotely, just consider the computers, tablets, software, and other equipment you need to do your job, and if you can transport them easily to a co-working space. (Keep all the cords and chargers you need organized in packing sacs.) You’ll also want to set up a portfolio site online (if you don’t have one already) that showcases your work and will attract new clients looking for your business.

Average salary: $75,000

Freelance Writer

The power of the written word is strong, but you don’t need to be a novelist or poet to consider yourself a writer! Freelance writers can make a living from anywhere writing online about a variety of topics like travel, food, health, and even home renovation—basically, whatever your passion, you can write about it!

Start by reaching out to publications or magazines that match your expertise and offer your services. Set up a portfolio site that showcases your best writing clips, too. Before you know it, you’ll be a published writer.

Average salary: $35,000-$50,000

Online Language Teacher

Whether you’re fluent in French or Italian, or have always wanted to teach English to kids, you can work online as a language teacher from anywhere in the world. Apps and other online programs have created a real need for language teachers. To start, look into iTalki or VIPKid and start lesson planning! You’ll just need to invest in a headset and have a strong Internet connection to pull this off.

Average salary: $18-$22/hour

Once you find a remote job opportunity, you’ll be able to have the flexibility to travel more, or even full-time , if you wish. Pack everything you’ll need in a large duffel and get ready to get out there and see the world after work.

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