Four International Destination Ideas


    Four International Destination Ideas

    Dream big while still staying safe with four trending international destinations that are re-opening to all U.S. visitors.

    Whether you’re traveling internationally for the first time or just want to trek to a destination within a travel bubble that boasts high vaccination rates (and low community spread), there are a wealth of options in Southeast Asia and Europe that are perfect for solo travelers. And it’s safe to assume, most of us who haven’t taken any trips will want to get away in the warmer months.

    Not that you have to wait if you want to go now, though. Nine in 10 Americans plan to travel in the next six months, a new pandemic high. And even if you have to take additional precautions, the sights to see and experiences you’ll have when you arrive are enough to make hopping on a plane worthwhile—even if you feel rusty doing it. Here are the best places to get your travel on safely outside of the U.S.


    Antigua, Guatemala

    One of the most charming towns in Latin America, Antigua is filled with picturesque ruins, cathedrals, and other historic museums, making it a Caribbean traveler’s paradise in the West Indies. It’s also home to coffee shops, churches, museums, and other amenities, making it a perfect place to visit if you want to visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal before a potential trip to neighboring Belize. If you’re a fan of volcanoes, be sure to visit Lake Atitlan, or try a multisport tour that will take you around via kayak, bike, or canoe.


    Montego Bay, Jamaica

    With crystalline seas, tropical shores, and inclusive deals, Montego Bay, Jamaica, is the ultimate tourist attraction for travelers who want to embrace blue waters, plentiful sunshine, and other island attractions with incredible ocean views. The beachside sea vistas are perfect for invoking a spirit of romance and luxury, while activities like scuba diving and beach volleyball will provide sun-drenched entertainment—no matter where on the island you stay.


    The Maldives

    Located on the southwest corner of India (and easily one of the most romantic destinations on our list), the Maldives is world-renowned as a destination offering activities for every type of traveler. You’ll have to pay a small fee upon departure ($12 or $30, depending on flight class), but it’s a small price to pay for a magical tropic adventure, including snorkeling, diving, and deep-sea fishing.


    Maui, Hawaii

    Hawaii has always been a popular travel destination; after the onset of COVID, however, it’s become even more popular with travelers. Though travel experts anticipate that the season won’t be as busy as it was in 2019, tourists have always flocked to Maui for its beaches, coastal trails, and volcanic craters.

    No matter what destination you choose, it’s important to stay safe, follow the official guidance, and ensure you’ve researched any testing or vaccine certification needed to enter and leave. Not quite ready for international travel yet? Discover the best US beaches you’ve never heard of.