Infographic: Step Count for Top Adventure Travel Bucket List Hikes and Climbs

Infographic: Step Count for Top Adventure Travel Bucket List Hikes and Climbs

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Eagle Creek is an invitation to discover the wonders of humanity and our planet. From city parks to exotic destinations, we equip you with durable and versatile gear to take you beyond your fears and outside your comfort zone. We believe the experience of the unknown inspires a deeper understanding of each other, a curiosity for the unfamiliar, and fresh perspectives on life. We know the further we travel, the closer we become to each other and to the planet we share.

Infographic: Step Count for Top Adventure Travel Bucket List Hikes and Climbs

How many steps does it take to hike to Everest Base Camp, or summit Mt. Fuji? Here's how to check off the best bucket list adventures to find your unknown.

The word adventure means something different to each of us, but an underlying assumption of any adventure is that it takes us to new places. An adventure allows us to explore new heights and discover the unknowns within ourselves. When you dust off your bucket list and look closely, you’ll realize the adventurous journey of your dreams is likely closer than you imagined. 

If a journey begins with a single step, we wondered: How many steps will it take to explore some of the most incredible places on earth? 

To explore the five charming seaside villages of Cinque Terre, you’ll only need to push yourself a bit harder than the recommended 10,000 steps a day—at 15,840 steps, it’s an adventure so doable (and gorgeous) that you can strap a daypack on your kids—or even stick to a fanny pack for yourself—and take them along, too. 

While novices should stray away from traversing the Pacific Crest Trail—unless it’s on a manageable day hike—some of the most seemingly difficult journeys are surprisingly within reach. The nearly 500-mile (805-kilometer) Camino de Santiago France is a long physical journey, but also an incredible opportunity to walk your own path on a five-week internal exploration into your unknown. Perhaps you can only walk 5,000 steps a day, or you easily make 30K—no matter, by the end you’ll have a million steps behind you and the accomplishment of having explored to the edges of your dreams. Just gear up with a durable and weatherproof pack large enough to fit your supplies for the journey.

From trekking to Everest Base Camp to peering at Japan from the top of Mt. Fuji, with the right expedition-worthy travel gear—like the pieces in our new National Geographic Guide Series—you can confidently step toward any adventure on your bucket list.

We were built to explore—to undertake adventures great and small and see beyond everyday boundaries. Challenge yourself to take a step toward completing your adventurous dreams. Does it take five steps, or five million? When you step into the unknown, it’s not the steps that matter, but the journey along the way.

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