How Rugged of a Traveler Are You?

How Rugged of a Traveler Are You?

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How Rugged of a Traveler Are You?

How Rugged of a Traveler Are You?


Before you strap on your crisp new backpack and slip on your never-before-worn hiking boots for a rugged journey, you may want to make sure you are ready for the road ahead first. The following quiz will help determine if you are made for the trails, or if you should find another route—maybe one that involves wheels and air conditioning.

1. When planning a trip, what kind of accommodations do you book?

a. Five-star hotels. You need the fluffiest bed possible with a gym and spa on site.

b. Hostel. All you need is a bed to fall into after a long day of sightseeing.

c. Campsites. You’d pitch a tent on any available square of land you find!

2. Of these items, which can’t you live without while traveling?

a. A hair dryer. No one likes a wet head or matted hair.

b. Ear plugs and an eye mask. A good night’s sleep is key for tomorrow’s long day of exploring.

c. Hiking shoes. You can’t climb a mountain in flip-flops.

3. What’s the longest you’ve gone without showering?

a. 8 hours to one day. It’s the only way to start the day!

b. 2 to 3 days. Sometimes you don’t get so dirty.

c. Weeks. Unless by shower you mean spritzing a little water on your face. That you try to do at least every other day.

4. What’s your luggage of choice?

a. A four-wheeled rolling suitcase. Heavy lifting is not your forte

b. A backpack with wheels. You need options.

c. A Travel Pack, plus all the bells and whistles. For storage and safety, of course.

5. Which of these travel books did you like the most?

a. Eat, Pray, Love. It inspired you to quit your job and travel the world to find yourself.

b. The Innocents Abroad. Mark Twain knew how to have fun.

c. Wild. That book is basically about you.

6. On a free day while traveling, what activity most appeals to you?

a. A visit to the destination’s most famous museum, followed by a leisurely meal at the best restaurant in town.

b. A day at the beach if possible. If not, a stroll through town sightseeing or a leisurely nature walk.

c. The most adventurous activity there is, whether it’s rappelling down the area’s tallest cliff, skydiving, or a 15-mile hike in the mountains.

7. If you come in contact with an animal while traveling you…

a. Run and alert security. Why is there a rat in this museum?!

b. Take a picture really quickly, and continue on your way.

c. Say “Hey,” and continue on with whatever you were doing before. No big deal.

Mostly A’s: Not At All Rugged

If you answer mostly A’s, you are not a rugged traveler—not even close. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being more of an indoor-person. You appreciate art, relaxing, and gourmet meals. You know your limits and are not going to set out on a “rugged journey” unless you have access to a shower every day and a clean bed every night. If you’re hoping to become a little more adventurous one day, you might want to start with a weekend camping trip to ease your way into the wild.

Mostly B’s: Rugged-In-Training

You appreciate the great outdoors and see yourself as someone who can handle a bit of dirt and adventure, but you haven’t had a ton of experience traveling like that just yet. You’ve gone camping many times, but never for more than a week, and always on an established campground. The trips you usually plan involve at least one visit to a major city where you can get a hefty dose of culture. A little bit more time in the great outdoors and you’ll be a wildebeest!

Mostly C’s: Rugged Rock Star

Have you ever even seen the inside of a hotel room? You prefer to sleep under the stars and be one with nature. You drink water from streams—filtered, of course—and a good meal is one that doesn’t consist of dried fruit and beans. You carry your backpack with you everywhere you go and you’ve even given it a name and consider it your travel buddy. (Nothing wrong with that!) You are pretty much the king of the jungle.

Now that you know how down and dirty to get on your next trip, let us help you get geared up. Happy trails to you!

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