How Packing Organizers & an Adventure Bag Help Me Travel With a Baby

How Packing Organizers and an Adventure Bag Help Me Travel With a Baby

Written by Carl Hedinger on

How Packing Organizers and an Adventure Bag Help Me Travel With a Baby

And the winner for our favorite packing organizer and bag combo is…

Being a new parent and traveler has been a fun, albeit difficult, journey. We’ve had to do our homework when finding the right travel bag and organizers that fits both our needs and our baby’s, and have decided on an amazing combo that can be found at Eagle Creek. With the Cargo Hauler L Rolling Duffel and Pack-It Specter Cube Set, traveling as a new parent has become so much easier. Let’s dig into these two crucial items and how they’ve helped us.

Pack-It Specter Cube Set

It was a tough decision to make when searching for packing organizers, but I’m still in love with these color-coded packing cubes. They help us distinguish our own dirty and clean clothes while traveling. And with a little one, the cubes even come in handy for our daughter’s onesies and jammies, but also dirty cloth diapers, wipes, and anything else that will need a wash when we get home. It’s made loading and unloading our stuff so much easier.

So, what’s our favorite bag for storing these ever-so-useful packing organizers?

The Bag: Cargo Hauler L Rolling Duffel

New parents like us needed the ultimate bag to go with these essential packing organizers, and that’s why I want to highlight the spacious Cargo Hauler. It’s perfect for all travelers, but especially new parents. Designed with the most durable materials, this bag has enough room for all of our gear, and even the memories that we’re creating when traveling with our little one.

Bi-Tech Armor Lite Fabric

Paired with packing organizers, the Cargo Hauler will easily transform into a baby bag, whether we’re using it for diapers, wipes, toys, or anything else that we need to keep us and baby happy. For starters, it’s ultra light and weighs a little less than four pounds. It’s also made with the extra durable, water repellent coated Bi-Tech™ Armor Lite fabric. This gives us a winning combination of seemingly weightless material that’s abrasion resistant.

Where to Put Your Packing Organizers

The bag’s U-shaped lid helps us easily get to the inside of the bag when we need to grab some wipes or a cloth to clean up a mess. The bag’s zippered end pockets ensure gear organization, and inside is where we have plenty of room to fit our packing organizers.

Carrying Options for Strolling and Baby Wearing

Thanks to this bag be able to handle any situation with our little one, whether we are baby wearing with an Ergo or Moby, or pushing her in a stroller. The Cargo Hauler offers a multitude of carrying options, as we can choose from its removable backpack straps, padded top haul handles, side grab handle, or top pull handle and rugged wheels.

Long-Term Use, No Matter What

I love to think many years ahead and how I’ll be using packing organizers and this travel pack for our young child as she grows up. There are many more trips to plan, and if something happens along the way, it’s always great to remember that Eagle Creek’s No Matter What Warranty will have our back.

Are You Ready for the Ultimate Parent-Friendly Pack Organizer/Bag Combo?

Unexpected messes? Check. Unforeseen challenges? We’ve learned how to deal with it all, thanks to the Pack-It Specter Cube Set and the durable Cargo Hauler. It’s handled many of our travel adventures and kept us sane in the process.

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