Here’s Why You Should Vacation with Your Siblings

hikers watching a sunset on a cliff

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hikers watching a sunset on a cliff

Sibling travel isn’t a genre many tour operators cater to, but this doesn’t mean that your brothers and/or sisters won’t make great travel companions. Even if you’re not that close right now, an epic adventure could be the experience that reignites your sibling bond.

I’ll be honest with you, until I hit my late teens I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to spend time with my little sister Emily. Four years my junior, she was the bane of my life, constantly trying to hang out with my friends and stealing endless items from my wardrobe. (Emily, if you’re reading this, I’d still like to know what happened to my favorite denim jacket that mysteriously disappeared during the summer of 2004!)

I’m pleased to say that by the time she started college that dynamic had all changed. We’d both outgrown the petty arguments that used to form the basis of all our communication and recognized the benefits of the special sibling bond we shared with each other alone. From that point, we transitioned from sisters to friends. It wasn’t long before we took our first trip abroad together, which seemed to cement the fact that as sisters, our friendship would last a lifetime.

Don’t worry, I’m not about to launch into a montage of hilarious skits and touching moments from our trip! However, I will share with you a few reasons why I think you should consider including your sibling/s in your next wanderlust adventure.

1. You’ll strengthen your bond through shared experiences.

Visiting new places and trying new activities can give adventurous travelers a real buzz, and I find that it also evokes a sense of solidarity with the people on the adventure, too. I believe that this is heighted when with your sibling/s because of the strength of the connection you already share.

Top Tip: Add a waist pack to your packing list. A discrete accessory, it’s ideal for keeping your camera or smartphone close by so you and your sibling can selfie together in front of those instagramable views, whilst making it easy to go hands free if you want to forget about photography and just enjoy the moment.

2. You’ll learn more about each other.

Travel encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and let go of anything that’s weighing you down. It provides the opportunity for reflection and can be the catalyst for positive change. So many travelers, myself included, feel that their character evolves slightly when they’ve been abroad and immersed themselves in new cultures or enjoyed new life experiences.

Imagine sharing all this with your sibling/s? You could witness their strengths that will support you throughout your lifetime together, and even come to understand their weakness, something that may bring you closer together.

Top Tip: If you’re traveling with a sibling of the same sex, consider condensing your luggage and sharing your wardrobe. You’ll save on checked baggage fees and reduce the stress of hauling a massive backpack on public transport. A rolling duffel bag is a great option for a shared bag as it’s easy to be tow or carry, and packs down when not in use.

3. It will offer you the opportunity to spend time together.

Not all siblings stay in the same town or city when they grown up. My sister and I live 160 miles (257km) apart and only get to see each other every couple of months, when one of us has time to make the three-hour drive and visit for the weekend. A period of extended travel, or even just a weekend break, can provide an excuse to ditch all other responsibilities and just hang out together. Of course, if you happen to be island hopping in the Caribbean or hiking an epic alpine trail at the time, that’s a total bonus!

4. There won’t be any surprises along the way.

One of the pitfalls of traveling with friends or as part of a group is that you’ll likely face idiosyncrasies undisclosed at the time of departure. By this I mean strange personal habits, poor team participation, or other rogue behaviors. Having lived with your sibling/s all your life, you’ve already got a pretty good insight into their character and you’ll be familiar with anything that may cause friction during your adventure. I’m not saying you won’t have disagreements or need some space from time to time, however you’re definitely more likely to have an easy ride.

Top Tip: Separate your personal items using packing cubes. This means that you can both take responsibility for the items you can’t live without, and negates the need for petty arguments about who used the last of the shampoo!

If you haven’t already, consider asking your sibling/s to accompany you on your next epic adventure. The experience is sure to bring you closer together and could inspire an annual escape!

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