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Are you looking for the perfect getaway ideas so you can take a memorable trip with your favorite ladies? Plan a girls-only dive trip this summer and learn why time underwater is time well spent.

It was a perfect day for a dive: The sea was calm, the water of the Caribbean Sea warm enough to eschew a wetsuit, and the reef was magical. Next to me, my friend Debbie glanced over, gave me the OK sign, and removed her regulator for a minute to flash me a giant grin. I signaled OK back at her, then gave a small start and added the hand signal for “turtle” as a sea turtle glided lazily behind her.

There are many different types of girls’ getaways, but a diving trip with my girlfriends is perhaps one of my favorites.

Why a Girls’ Getaway Dive Trip Rocks

There are a couple of reasons why these trips are awesome.

For one, you’re almost guaranteed a beach vacation (unless you’re diving in Iceland).

Organizing a dive trip also negates the need to ask, “what are we going to do today?”

But perhaps most importantly, diving is one of those sports that brings people closer together. While diving, you’re putting your trust in your dive buddy—you know that she’ll have your back if you need her. You’re also practicing non-verbal communication, which can be both bonding and hilarious at the same time. And, when you surface, the conversation revolves around what you saw and how you felt. As you sit in the sunshine, there’s nothing else to do for your surface interval but be together and share those underwater moments.

It’s pretty spectacular.

Pick Your Diving Destination

When you’re planning a dive trip, there are lots of options depending on how far you want to travel and how much you want to spend. For a budget-friendly dive destination, consider Mexico. Both Cozumel and Rivera Maya have some great dive sites (including cenotes, which can be both thrilling and terrifying depending on how claustrophobic you are), and although dive packages might be slightly more expensive than some other destinations, you’ll even it out with cheaper flights from the US.

Central America is also home to several popular diving destinations, including the Great Blue Hole in Belize and Utila in Honduras. While most diving spots are incredibly safe, be sure to check out the political temperature before you go.

Further afield, Koh Tao in Thailand is perhaps one of the most affordable diving destinations in the world—once you get there. If you’re not yet certified and want to combine getting your PADI open water certification with afternoons lazing in a hammock, Koh Tao is the place for you. If you’re on that side of the world, you might as well consider some other popular dive sites like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia (sign up for a liveaboard if you have the time—it’s a spectacular way to dive the Reef), gems like Sulawesi in Indonesia, or even Japan.

What to Pack

Perhaps one of the best things about a dive trip is that packing is a breeze. If you’re renting equipment, pack like you would for any beach vacation: bathing suits, coverups, cute dresses for the evening, and comfortable clothes for any other adventures that you might pursue. Above all, comfort is key. And sunscreen—just be sure to choose a brand that won’t kill the reefs that you’re going to see. Use packing cubes to keep your dive clothes (bathing suit, rash guard, board shorts, something to wear on the boat between dives) separate from your shore wear, and use a water-repellent cube for wet clothes after your dives. And if you’re rooming with friends, using a toiletry organizer will keep bathroom-hogging arguments to a minimum.

If you have your own equipment, be sure to choose a bag that has plenty of space for your gear and also for your off-the-boat necessities. Picking one that’s water-repellent means that you can take it on the boat; a bag that pulls double duty is one that’s worth its weight on an airplane.

The next time that you’re trying to figure out where to go and what to do with your girlfriends for a fun and adventurous girls’ getaway, consider a dive trip. From spotting sea turtles and eagle rays underwater in the morning to soaking up the sun and sipping on tropical drinks in the afternoon, there’s no better way to bond with the ladies and create truly unforgettable memories.

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