Family Travel: A Closer Look at the Expanse Collection

Family Travel: A Closer Look at the Expanse Collection

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Family Travel: A Closer Look at the Expanse Collection

Packing for a family might seem downright daunting. But with Eagle Creek’s new Expanse™ Collection, packing for yourself, a spouse, and kids can be done in a snap. These bags have plenty of room, organizational extras, and the strength to endure any adventure. Learn more about their cool features, below.

Little Things Make a Big Difference

The Expanse™ collection features several bags that come in different designs and sizes. One thing many of them have in common? External lash points. These look like small handles along the sides of the bag, and though they are tiny, they serve a couple of important purposes. External lash points will not only let you stow gear (like an extra pair of shoes or hiking poles) on the outside of your bag, but they’re also perfect for road trips, because they allow you to secure the bag on the roof of the car so you can fit more stuff inside the car.

Interior compression straps in both the Expanse™ Uprights and the Expanse™ Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel help maximize the interior space of the bags by squishing everything down, so you have space for an extra t-shirt or bathing suit. The compression straps also help keep items in place during transit so they're less likely to bounce around and get wrinkly, dirty, or broken.

Still need just a bit more room? Check out the Expanse™ AWD Uprights and Expanse™ Uprights. (AWD stands for "all wheel drive"—it's the version of the bag that has four wheels, rather than two, so you can either push the bag while it's vertical or drag it behind you on the diagonal.) Simply unzip the expansion zipper and add an extra 580 cubic inches (9.5 liters) of space in the 30’’ size and 400 cubic inches (6.5 liters) of space in the 26’’ size—the perfect spots for those must-have vacation souvenirs or last-minute packing additions.

Separate and Stay Sane

Packing for a family means that it's important to know exactly where everything is stashed. After all, when traveling with at least two other people, it's all too easy for items to get buried or placed in the wrong person's bag. Use the Pack-It system, which provides packing cubes of various sizes in a variety of colors, and give each family member his or her own color (there are seven to choose from) so that sorting is a breeze.

Then, utilize the secondary compartment on the Expanse™ Flatbeds and the drop-bottom compartment with zip-away divider on the Expanse™ Drop Bottom Duffels to add another layer of organization: Put any adult stuff in the bottom portion, and put the kid stuff on the top for easy access. That way, if your two-year-old is demanding to eat the kiddie snack that you packed, you can find the baggie quickly and help prevent a public meltdown at the airport.

Tough Enough—Guaranteed

Whether you’re sprinting to the airport or pulling your luggage over cobblestone streets, the Expanse™ collection’s multi-directional, treaded wheels make maneuverability easy over just about any terrain. Add in heavy-duty wheel housing and bumper protection and you won’t have to worry about wonky wheels breaking your stride. You'll have enough on your mind trying to keep your children safe and entertained on vacation, so you can take "Is this bag durable?" off your list of worries.  As always, with Eagle Creek’s No Matter What Warranty™, you know you’re covered—even if the unexpected happens.  

Look Great—Even After a Rough Trip

You know how you feel after a trying flight: a bit tired and bedraggled. Though you never want your luggage to look better than you do, the Expanse™ collection is designed to take a beating, but still arrive looking fresh. Fabric blocking helps hide stains, and the scuff-resistant armor screen print provides maximum abrasion resistance in high-wear areas. Reflective accents contribute to visibility and safety. The result? This bag is likely to withstand the test of time—even if your kids’ clothing isn't.

Whether you’re preparing for a weekend trip to see grandparents or a much-needed family vacation, the Expanse™ collection can help make your trips less stressful and more enjoyable.  

Want to see the newest bags to keep your family organized? Shop the Expanse™ collection here.

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