4 Summer Water Sports That Are Easier Than They Look

wind surfing

    4 Summer Water Sports That Are Easier Than They Look

    The perfect way to stay cool this summer, splash into sunnier days by trying out different water sports—they’re way easier than you think!

    Looking for fun, new ways to stay cool and keep active this summer? Make water sports your favorite new hobby. While some might seem a little intimidating or look tricky to master, most are actually a lot easier than they look, and are super fun to practice too. If you’re up for the challenge, here are four water activities that are perfect for beginners—and no doubt will have you coming back for more.



    Learning to wakeboard does need a little patience, but when you break it down, it’s really all about balance. Once you’ve got the hang of how to stand up and stay up on the board, gliding in and out of the wake feels almost natural—and it can be addictive, especially for adrenaline junkies. Don’t expect to immediately start doing flips though; that takes skill, practice, and time, so build up your confidence first and see where it takes you. And, since your hands will be busy, make sure to keep anything you need to take with you in a clip-on a secure pouch like the water-resistant Pack-It Gear Pouch—it’s perfect for ensuring everything inside stays dry, while you live your best wakeboarding life.



    Windsurfing is one of those water sports that looks way harder than it is. Of course, you do need to get your balancing game on, but you’ve also got the luxury of holding onto a sail which can help you stabilize. Much like wakeboarding, the challenging part is getting and staying up on the board—both of which are actually much easier if you catch a gust of wind, which of course, is the name of the game. You’ll definitely get wet, so be sure to have a lightweight 20L Wayfinder Backpack or versatile 60L Cargo Duffel Hauler loaded up with a towel, extra set of dry clothes, and ocean-safe sunscreen waiting for you when you come to shore.

    paddle boarding

    Paddle Boarding

    Paddle boarding has skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a super chill way to get out on the water and just experience nature. It’s easy enough for anyone to pick up—think of it as a slightly more active version of floating on a raft. And, if you don’t feel like getting wet but still want to get out on the water, paddle boarding is the ideal choice. It’s the perfect water activity to really soak up the beauty of your surroundings whether mangroves, reefs, crystal clear ocean water, or on some of the country’s best scenic rivers. For even more paddle boarding fun, there are even activities and classes you can take including paddle board yoga for all the zen. Check out what’s available in your area.

    jet ski

    Jet Skiing

    For an adrenaline rush with minimal effort, hopping on a jet ski is the way to go. From the side lines, the high speeds and quick turns may seem like a lot to master, but if you can ride a go kart, you can ride a jet ski. Whipping around the water on a hot summer day is the ultimate way to cool down, have fun, and get your heart pumping. For an extra treat, use one of our water-resistant Pack-It Gear Cube MX 3 or Pack-It Isolate Roll-Top Shoe Sacs to pack a snack and some cold drinks, and then ride out to a sandbar, hop off, and have a small picnic—just remember to take your trash with you.