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trip planning website

Everyone loves a big trip but most all of us hate figuring out the logistics to carry it out. Plan your next big adventure stress-free using these top travel planning websites.

Planning for long, extensive trips can be as exhausting as the adventure itself. Pouring over maps, working through daily logistics, and not getting overwhelmed with all of it is no easy feat. Luckily, we live in the 21st Century, and it turns out that not all technology is bad. At the literal tips of our fingers we have access to some of the most groundbreaking knowledge of history. Think about it: With a few clicks of the mouse or a couple scrolls on your phone you can get in-depth information from travel websites on places you’ve never been or heard of in your lifetime. Not to mention expert trip planning advice and new, cutting-edge products. That’s pretty cool. And when it comes down to it, planning the adventure of a lifetime isn’t so hard. You just gotta know where to look.

Top Trip Planning Websites of 2021

1. Rome2rio

If you’re planning your next trip abroad (and who isn’t at this point dreaming of hitting the road again!), is a source to relish. This comprehensive website makes planning international travel feel as comfortable as a run to the grocery store—you’ll need to pick out the items of course, but the process seems routine. With hundreds of thousands of routes for trains, buses, planes, and ferries, getting from point A to point B is easier than you could ever imagine. This top trip planning website even features tourist destinations and breaks down popular travel paths giving you helpful information on expected costs and arrival times. If you’re stressed out on how to sort out the nitty gritty of actually planning your on-the-ground travels, check out Rome2rio.

2. Airbnb

One of the biggest hurdles to navigate on extended trips is figuring out where you’re going to rest your head at night. Along with food and currency, a tightly planned trip requires significant forethought in lodging. Airbnb all but takes care of everything with a streamlined, user-friendly system designed for one thing: to make reservations easy. That’s what makes this travel website a no-brainer as a go-to planning resource.

3. Skyscanner

This is the titan of apps when it comes to researching and booking flights. Skyscanner offers premium flight-search and allows you to easily maintain your budget. Beyond flights, you can also book hotels and car rentals to get suited after you arrive. Operating directly with airlines (both budget airlines and major ones), hotel staff, and car providers, this global metasearch engine is second to none. One of the most fun features of this travel website is the ability to simply enter an airport (perhaps your closest airport) and a date—then Skyscanner returns all of the most affordable destinations from that airport on that day. This is perfect for those who just want to head somewhere and are a bit flexible on where that might be, so long as it’s a budget-friendly destination.

4. Outdoor Gear Lab

If you feel like taking your adventure off the road, a whole new list of questions presents itself. How am I going to cook while traveling? What’s the best jacket for tropical forests? How big of a backpack do I need? If you’re interested in the latest and greatest gear for the outdoors—from apparel, to travel storage, to equipment, to fishing tackle—peruse the experts’ opinions. The intricate and detailed product views shed ample light into the adventure-realm and will make planning an adventurous trip a cinch. Just a few blog-reads and you’ll be feeling like an outdoor wizard in no time.

So there you have it. A few of our favorite travel websites to check before packing your bag and setting off on your next big adventure. It’s amazing, and quite frankly pretty awesome, that planning an elaborate trip across the world, as crazy as it seems, is not so hard after all.

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