The Best Travel Movies to Stream Right Now 

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travel movie

There’s little more satisfying than binging travel movies when you can’t actually get out the door on an adventure. Bring travel into your Netflix routine with these streaming travel movies.

Looking for a few binge-worthy travel movies to feed your wanderlust? These picks will transport you to other lands and satiate that travel bug just enough. Some of the best travel movies are streaming on Netflix and other services right now, so choose your path and explore another city or country, with your favorite snack and beverage in tow.

Wine Country on Netflix

This girls’ trip to Napa Valley features some of the best female comic talent around. Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, and friends enjoy a fun getaway to indulge in wine and their friendship. One of the best travel movies on Netflix right now, it has all the makings of a heartwarming flick to watch while you relax and chill. But it’s the beautiful views and all the vineyards they show off that will leave California on your mind long after you are done watching.

The (Second) Best Exotic Marigold Hotel on Amazon

Both travel movies in this series are a comedy trip following a bunch of British retirees who decide to move to India, but instead end up in a hotel that it turns out not is quite as advertised. Once they let go of any hesitations and embrace everyday life in their newly chosen home, love, friendship, and a few other twists follow. The daily scenes and colorful settings will transport you right to India.

Amelie on Hulu

This French delight put Audrey Tautou on the world map and made everyone want to visit Paris when it was first released in 2001. The open-air French markets, cafés, churches, the metro, her apartment, and the overall quirky look and feel of the movie was only made further endearing by Amelie’s own personal adventure that we all get to go on with her.

Hangover on Amazon

The Hangover “trilogy” gives you the misadventures of four men as they pack their bags and head out on a bachelor party in Vegas and Bangkok in the first and second installments, followed by a road trip in the third. Plenty of laughs ensue as each situation they find themselves in is even more bizarre than the first but there’s also travel inspiration galore to find here.

Under the Tuscan Sun on Hulu

Somewhat of a grand dame of romantic travel movies, Diane Lane’s escape to Italy will see you falling in love with not just the sunshine in Tuscany, but also the beauty of the small town where Lane’s character sets up a home base. This is a sweet story of moving to new lands and embracing the changes that it brings.

Eat, Pray, Love on Amazon

Do we all remember the bestselling book by author Elizabeth Gilbert? Her memoir was brought to the screen by none other than America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts. While this travel movie is about the author’s trip around the world, it gives you a peek into Italy, India, and Indonesia while you dream of your next adventure.

Into the Wild on Hulu

For the outdoorsy traveler among us, this true story of a hiker in the Alaskan wilderness back in the ‘90s will speak to the wanderlust in you. Hiking away from the crowds and cherishing the solitude of nature—while also overcoming its many hurdles—the lead character’s journey of self-realization has its challenges. This travel movie (and the Krakauer travel book it’s based on) has long been a favorite among solo travelers and backpackers.

Queen of Katwe on Netflix

Sink into another great travel movie streaming on Netflix with this inspiring story of a young Ugandan girl surviving a rough life with her family but thriving in the game of chess and excelling at the international level. The game becomes her ticket out of poverty in this biographical drama starring Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo. And that closing soundtrack, “#1 Spice” will stay stuck in your head in a loop, that’s guaranteed.

With so many great travel movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, there’s no reason you can’t grab your favorite pillow and get lost in faraway destinations right from your couch.

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