Exactly How to Handle Your Toiletries While Camping

gear toiletry kit

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gear toiletry kit

Although it can be tempting to just throw your camping toiletries into the bottom of your backpack and hit the trail, there are benefits to staying organized, even when wild camping.

From maximizing space to staying organized in camp, there are many reasons to keep your essentials close at hand before sleeping under the stars—here’s why a hanging toiletry bag is a camping essential when planning your camping packing list.

Reasons to Use a Toiletry Organizer When Camping

By stashing your camping toiletries in a hanging toiletry bag and keeping them separate to the rest of your kit, you’ll find it much easier to freshen up on the trail or when in your tent. You’ll also find that by separating your camping kit into individual packing cubes and organizers you can maximize space in your rucksack and avoid carrying unnecessary weight.

The Best Toiletry Bag for Camping

Whether you’re camping or glamping, a camping hanging toiletry bag is undoubtedly the best option for ultimate organization. A stow-away swivel non-slip hook allows you to set up your bag for easy access whether that’s by hooking it to the shower in a tiny camp washroom, or a nearby branch when washing in a stream. The durable Pack-It® Reveal Hanging Toiletry Kit is a sustainable option ideal for those who want to pack it all and stay ultra-organized.

For those looking for compact organization, the Pack-It® Isolate Quick Trip is a streamlined toiletry bag made of ultra-lightweight and anti-microbial protected material ideal for backpackers. With a minimalist vibe, the Pack-It® Gear Quick Trip packs an organizational punch: TPU laminate shell and PU coated zippers for maximum water-resistance. Did we mention it is constructed using an ultra-durable 100% recycled fabric? This bag is ready for any adventure.

How to Efficiently Pack a Hanging Toiletry Bag for Camping

● Travel light by decanting liquids into travel-size silicone bottles to reduce the amount of weight you’re carrying.

● If you’re traveling with a buddy, consider sharing certain products to reduce the overall number of items you need.

● Pack products that have a dual purpose, such as a moisturizer with an SPF or a soap/shampoo bar that can be used for both your body and hair.

● Leave those “just in case” items behind. You’re unlikely to use them.

● Ladies, if you aren’t keen on the natural look consider sourcing make-up samples rather than packing full-size items.

● Guys, can you go without shaving during the trip? Embrace wild man chic.

Looking for more ways to optimize space in your pack when hiking and camping? Take a look at these camping organization packing ideas for inspiration.

Packing Checklist for Camping Toiletries

If you’re planning a multi-day camping trip it’s vital not to overestimate the quantity of toiletry items you’ll need as the additional weight can quickly wear you down. Strip down your daily wash routine and only pack the bare essentials.

Our basic camping toiletries checklist includes:

Nature-safe sun cream

● Bug repellent and antihistamine cream

● 2-in-1 nature-safe soap and shampoo bar

● SPF lip balm

● Hand sanitizer

● A DIY first aid kit stowed in a small sac or cube, including antibacterial wound wash, a wound dressing, tweezers, and blister plasters

● Medications

● Painkillers

● SPF moisturizer

● Hairbrush

● Toothbrush and nature-safe toothpaste

● Toilet paper and scented bags

Don’t forget that whenever toileting in the wilderness or America’s national parks, keep 50 meters away from water and dig a six inch hole, covering everything over with earth when you’re finished. Don’t bury toilet roll or wipes—these will need to be disposed of with your other rubbish.

In addition to your toiletries don’t forget to pack a microfiber towel and water-resistant flip flops or sandals to use around your camp in the evenings.

Check out this ultimate camping packing checklist for more on what to take out on the trail.

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