Best Gift Ideas for Frequent World Travelers

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Ult Gift guide snowy travel

When you travel often, and often travel far, the addition of a few choice products to your packing list can make your trips that little bit more enjoyable. Here are the best gift ideas for the frequent traveler in your life.

Whether a travel product makes packing a breeze, offers an extra level of personal security, or helps you relax on a long-haul flight, something as simple as a pair of comfortable travel pants can help take the stress out of frequent national and international travel.

Looking for gift ideas for a frequent world traveler who spends a lot of time on the road? Here are some great travel gift ideas you probably haven’t considered yet.

Gifts for Safety-Conscious Travelers

Managing cash, cards, and a passport can be a challenge when traveling abroad, especially for those concerned about the risk of pickpocketing and data theft. An RFID Blocker Money Belt ($27) is the ideal solution for safety conscious travelers as it reduces the risk of RFID theft and gives peace of mind that your valuables are close at hand. With two zippered pockets and a soft elastic waistband with strap keeper, it’s something your frequent traveler will use every trip. Pair it with a 3-Dial TSA Lock & Cable ($16) for the security conscious traveler to keep their luggage just as secure. Travel Sentry™ certified locks are a great shout, as they make locks that can be opened by aviation security agencies such as the TSA. Alternately, there are a few different designs, and the Cable TSA Lock® ($14) is small enough not to draw attention to a bag, but flexible enough to go through tough-to-lock spaces.

Gifts for Techie Travelers

Ideal for anyone who travels with a lot of tech, the Pack-It Specter Tech™ Stuffer Set ($23) is a set of stuffable packing sacks that make organizing odds and ends—like power cables, international adaptors ($60), and chargers—easy-peasy. This gift idea is ideal because it’s also great for packing jewelry and small toiletry items.

Gifts for Stylish Travelers

Yes, the fanny pack is back and it’s the perfect gift for style conscious travelers who like the convenience of keeping their travel documents and valuables close to hand. The Wayfinder Waistpack ($40) comes in a range of color ways, including a fun print inspired by the Golden State of California.

Frequent travelers also spend a lot of time walking through airports, around train stations, and to and from hotels. Why not give them a stylish gift that will make their journey a little more comfortable? Smartwool’s PhD® Outdoor Light Micro Socks ($19) (available in women’s fit as well) have mesh venting, light cushioning, and are made from 60% Merino Wool, making them ideal not just for hiking, but for anyone on-the-go all day.

Frequent travelers know that when it comes to travel fashion, comfort and functionality are key. If the traveler in your life is a frequent flyer, consider buying them a pair of lightweight, soft travel trousers. The Unisex TNF™ Vert Sweatpants ($45) from TheNorth Face have an elastic waist and ribbed cuffs, and the cotton-polyester blend provide the perfect lightweight gift your loved one will appreciate after a day of adventuring.

Gifts for Minimalist World Travelers

For the smart traveler who likes to pack light, a Packable Duffel ($36) compacts down to just 10 inches and is the travel bag they never knew they needed. Ideal for weekend city breaks or as a pack-away luggage option for long haul trips. With an affordable price tag, it’s a great gift for friends and family alike.

If you’re hoping to find a splurge gift for your loved one—perhaps a loved one setting out on a long term trip or living as a digital nomads—then upgrade their packing system. The Global Companion 40L Gear Kit ($349) includes a full packing cube system alongside an ergonomically designed backpack. It’s a gift that will streamline their packing system and keep them lightweight and on the go for years.

Gifts for Truly Frequent Travelers

Consider gifting your loved one a year of travel insurance. It may seem like an unexciting gift choice, but believe me, if the traveler in your life ever finds themselves stranded in an unfamiliar country because they missed a flight connection, or needs medical care abroad, they’ll be eternally grateful! Travel insurance is a must for everyone and there are a lot of brands that offer a monthly subscription service tailored to style, location, and frequency of travel. This would be a great choice for a traveler who appears to have everything—but don’t forget to check whether or not they already have a long-term policy in place.

It’s a little cliché, but as a frequent traveler myself I can tell you that I find writing down a few thoughts about the day’s events quite therapeutic; especially when I’m exploring new destinations. Sure your loved one might be using a digital travel journal, but it’s nice to look back on international trips, months or even years later and reflect on the experiences. Consider a personalized option like from Papier—the Ride Above It ($27) is a favorite.

Great as a gift by itself, or as a thoughtful addition to a travel-themed gift, the In Flight Gear Kit ($69) has a blanket, pillow, eye mask, and ear plugs so your traveler never misses sleep on their long haul flights.

If you’re looking for additional gift ideas our Ultimate Gift Guide: 25 Best Gifts For Travelers shares for more helpful gift guides geared toward travelers.

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