5 Honeymoons for Adventure-Loving Couples

Couple travelers Man and Woman sitting on cliff relaxing mountains

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Couple travelers Man and Woman sitting on cliff relaxing mountains


Your honeymoon is a chance to take extra time off and book the vacation of a lifetime. Here are five destinations perfect for couples with a sense of adventure.


For adventurous couples, a honeymoon is more than chance to relax after the wedding. It’s a rare opportunity to take a longer vacation than most people feel comfortable taking all at once. Having the time to travel further, stay longer, and see more means kicking off married life with the adventure trip of a lifetime.

These days there are quite a few couples looking for more than frozen daiquiris and beach chairs for their honeymoon. Adventure-tour operator Wayfairer Travel reports that in 2018, 67% of its customers were couples looking for a different kind of romantic getaway.

The great thing about a honeymoon is that if you need any special gear for the trip, you can register for it!


Great Honeymoon Luggage Sets

For example, the ORV wheeled duffel is ideal for an active honeymoon. It has larger, more rugged wheels than most roller bags, a compression net for securing items inside, and lash points for securing bulky items outside. Add in two sets of packing cubes to stay organized and a couple can easily share this bag.

If you don’t plan to check your honeymoon luggage, or for the plane ride, consider the Morphus International carry-on, which has a slim profile, off-road wheels, and convenient backpack straps. It’s ideal for items like electronics that you don’t want to check, and for packing a few extras, like a toothbrush and cozy socks for a long flight. It’s also handy for brief side trips where you don’t want to bring all your luggage—if you’re packing carry-on, these lightweight packing cubes are a great option.

Here are five destination ideas for a honeymoon adventure.


A Honeymoon Down Under

Where: Australia

Why: It’s a 14-hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney. The time difference means you lose two days flying there(but you get them back!). Also factor in thetime it takes to travel between the country’s distinct regions, which you’ll want to do.This is not a destination you visit for a few days, it’s one worth exploring deeply with your loved one.

What to do: Michelle London, a travel agent with Away We Globe, suggests spending a few days exploring Sydney at a leisurely pace, especially it’s great beaches, while you recover from your jet lag. “Consider a private surf lesson on Bondi Beach,” she says.

Then pack your bags andhead to Tasmania for hiking in lush national parks while exploring the burgeoning local food and wine scene. Spend time snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef off of Queensland.

London suggests spending some time driving the Great Ocean Road and sampling wine in the Yarra Valley. But be sure to leave time to head into the country’s deep center to explore the rugged desserts, lush landscapes, and small towns of the Outback.

Where to stay: Australia has lodging for adventurous honeymooners with a range of budgets from hip hostels with private rooms to well-known hotel brands to luxury eco lodges near the reef, and even boutique hotels in Tasmania.


A Honeymoon on Safari

Where: Tanzania

Why: There are no direct flights from North America, so travel time from New York City ranges from 19 hours and a couple layovers to more than 24 with connections. Since you have time in your schedule, it’s worth heading to this off-the-beaten path honeymoon destination.

What to do:After climbing the lower peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, admire the deep blue waters of Ngorongoro crater, along with the flocks and herds that gather by it. Spend time on the vast plains of Serengeti National Park, where several hundred kinds of birds and dozens of animals, including lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and gazelles roam.

Laura Bannister at Wayfairer Travel recommend that when you’ve had enough adventure you retire to the Zanzibar archipelago. There you can explore historic Stone Town, visit spice plantations, view red colobus monkeys, go snorkeling around the Mnemba Atoll, and maybe even relax on the sand.

Where to stay: In the Serengeti,accommodationsrange from modern luxury lodges to glamping to basic roving camps that follow the animals. Choose a luxury lodge at Ngorongoro. In Zanzibar choose from luxury resorts to more intimate beachfront boutique hotels.


A Honeymoon With Penguins

Where:Patagonia, Chile/Argentina

Why : Flying to South America’s southernmost point means connecting through either Buenos Aires or Santiago. Total flight time from Miami will be at least 15 hours with connections. To break up the flights, make it even more of an adventure by spending a few days in one of these two fantastic cities (maybe one on the way down and the other on the way back).

What to do: Charlie Kelly at the booking site Bookmundi advises that you’ll want to spend time in both the Argentine and Chilean sides of Patagonia. Visit the Perito Moreno Glacier and explore Tierra del Fuego Torres del Paine national parks. Visit penguin colonies, go whale watching, ride horses across southern grasslands,andpaddle across beautiful glacial lakes.

Kelly suggests taking a break from your outdoor adventures to enjoy the amenities in the scenic resort town of Ushuaia before or after taking a cruise from there, through the Darwin Strait, to Antarctica.

Where to stay: Your trip will ideally combine sustainable glamping, modern adventure lodges, and an upscale spa hotel—or perhaps time on an Argentine estancia.


A Honeymoon With Spice

Where: India

Why: A direct flight from New York is 14 hours. Connecting flights are at least 17. You’ll want to explore a few regions that are too far apart for trains and might not have daily flights, so be sure to explore this destination with a minimum of two weeks (and ideally three) to maximize the adventurous activities you can enjoy on the subcontinent.

What to do: After recovering from your jetlag in New Delhi, Kunal Jain of tour company To Travel With suggests heading to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Nearby, he says, you can also take a cruise on the Chambal River to see crocodiles, turtles and hyenas and also explore the 10thcentury Hindu Temples at Bateshwar.

You might want to fly to the historic city of Jaipur, with its famous pink edifices, and then travel to one of several national parks and animal preserves that are within a few hours drive to see India’s famous Bengal tigers.

Jain says some honeymooners might seek peace and quiet in the Himalayas from the lakeside resort town of Nainital. Others might head south to Chennai or Goa to explore the remnants of British and Portuguese colonialism, enjoy some of India’s best beaches, or undertake some of the most memorable treks in South India.

Where to stay: True luxury hotels and resorts are available in major touristdestinations, but you can also find modern, upscale boutique hotels for less than $200 a night. India makes a great budget honeymoon destination because of the broad range of affordable options.


An Island Honeymoon

Where:The San Juan Islands

Why: You might not need a passport for this destination but it still takes some getting to. The archipelago is a two-hour drive and hour-long ferry ride from Seattle. Once you’re here, you’llwant to slow down, taking your time exploring by bike and on foot, as well as by car.

What to do: Spend to three-to-five days kayaking barely populated areas like the straits to Sucia Island. Barbara Marrett at the SJI Visitors Bureau says several tours combine kayaking with gourmet meals that focus on local ingredients, wine, and beer.

You can also spend time biking, hiking, easing your sore muscles in the area spas, and enjoying tastings at local wineries. Spend your evenings stirring up bioluminescent phytoplankton along the shore and read your wedding future in thesewater-borne stars.

Extend your trip even more with a detour to explore Vancouver Island, hike in Olympic National Park, or admire the views from Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

Where to stay: Kayaking remote parts of the islands means plain-and-simple camping . Otherwise, plan to cozy up in B&Bs or rustic seaside lodges that might serve locally made yogurt and baked goods for breakfast.


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