4 Unconventional Ways To Show Mom You Care

4 Unconventional Ways To Show Mom You Care

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4 Unconventional Ways To Show Mom You Care

4 Unconventional Ways To Show Mom You Care

Flowers and Hallmark cards are the gold standard for Mother’s Day, but what if you are an adoring child who wants to think outside the box? After all, this holiday is about showing Mom how much you care. Arranging a unique, meaningful experience will go a long way toward showing your mother that you care enough to put creative thought into expressing your love. This quartet of unconventional ideas will show your mother figure just how important she is to you.

1. Take her on a hike.

There’s just something about the great outdoors. Get in touch with your mother (as well as Mother Nature) this year by picking a route for a long walk or hike. Consider a trail that has great views of the sunrise or sunset. The quality time alone in the fresh air will provide an opportunity to share a heart-to-heart conversation and catch up on each other’s lives. Gift her a daypack for the adventure and fill it with some goodies, like a water bottle, granola bars, and a cute, sweat-wicking outfit that she can wear on the journey.

2. Plan a picnic.

Another great Mother’s Day idea that gets you two—or the whole family—out of the house is a well-planned picnic at a favorite spot. Whether it’s at the beach, a local park, or even just the backyard, a holiday picnic prepared with love is always a great idea. After all, your mom probably prepared tons of meals for you growing up. It’s time to return the favor. Go all out by making her favorite delicacies from scratch, or simply hit up her favorite deli to stock up on yummy foods. Either way, sharing a meal with Mom in a picturesque setting will bring you closer together.

3.) Go on an adventure together.

This Mother’s Day, try something completely new with Mom. How about scuba diving? If you live anywhere near the coast, you probably have access to a place where you and Mom can take an introductory course called a "discovery dive" (no certification required) to look at native coral and fish species. If you live inland, get in touch with your local aquarium: They might have programs that let you dive with dolphins or sharks! Or, if your mom is the rough-and-tumble type, take her out to play paintball or laser tag. Get creative, and choose an activity that your mother has never before experienced. More ideas include: participating in an organized scavenger hunt, exploring a museum, taking a cooking, painting, or wine-tasting class, or going on a historical walking tour. No matter where your adventure takes you, help her stay organized by giving her the perfect piece from the versatile Pack-It™ Specter collection.

4.) Get matching ink.

Tattoos aren't for everyone, but if you and your mom are into the idea, why not try it? The art need not be large, conspicuous, or flashy—unless you like it that way! This is a gift that requires a bit of forethought—seek out a reputable artist close to you and talk with Mom about which tattoos you might want. For a less-permanent alternative, find a local henna artist. Lasting just two weeks in most cases, a beautiful henna design will make mom feel appreciated for weeks after her special day.

Your turn, readers. What are you doing for your mother (or aunt, or big sister, or stepmom, etc.) this Mother’s Day, and how will you make it unique and special? Share your ideas in the comments, below.

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