4 Best Visa-Free Beach Destinations for Digital Nomads


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Your 9 to 5 isn’t so bad when it’s done watching the waves roll in. Digital nomads can stay at these beachside destinations visa-free for three to six months.


As a digital nomad or remote worker, your office is wherever you are. But since you can work from anywhere, why not choose a destination a little more idyllic than your couch or parent’s basement?

Think about it: So many office workers stuck in their cubicles would give anything to be working from their laptop next to a beautiful beach. But you, you can be living out this scenario anytime you want! (And be done with work in time to enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sunset over the waves, too.)

Only one small snafu in your beachside office fantasy: You’re looking to get away for longer than a week or two, but don’t want to deal with having to get a visa or work permit where you’re setting up shop.

Fear not. As a U.S. remote worker or digital nomad, you have a plethora of beach towns where you can work for up to three or six months visa-free! And when those months are up, you can either renew your visa for another three, or move on to the next tropical beach dream locale.

Not a bad way to work, is it? All you’ll need is your trusty duffel to pack all your gear for the long haul, plus a daypack for transporting your laptop safely to your (beachside!) workspace and on long weekend trips.

Here are four visa-free beach destinations where U.S. digital nomads can stay for three to six months.


1. George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Thailand and Bali may get all the love when it comes to the most well known Southeast Asian spots for remote working. But if you are in the mood for an adventure, great food, and beautiful beaches, Malaysia offers a huge advantage over the other hot spots: You can work there for 90 days, visa-free. (Thailand is only 30 days, for some context.) Base yourself in George Town for the better Wi-Fi and coffee shops, and you’ll be able to easily access beautiful beaches and islands galore.


2. Split, Croatia

Have you always dreamed about traveling around Europe and the Mediterranean? Base yourself in Croatia, where you’ll have your pick of beautiful beaches, a low cost of living, and will be able to stay 90 days visa-free. In Split, you’ll find a growing community of digital nomads and have access to numerous beaches nearby.


3. Paphos, Cyprus

If you’ve always loved Greece, don’t forget about its (arguably cooler) neighbor, Cyprus. Spend your days at a thriving co-working space in Paphos—complete with a rooftop that has a sea view! When you and your “co-workers” aren’t logged in, you can play nearby beach volleyball, do rooftop yoga, or explore one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. Currently, you can stay there 90 days visa-free.


4. Lima, Peru

Peru may not be your first thought when it comes to beachside destinations. But this culturally rich country sits right on the Pacific Coast, and you can work there for 183 days visa-free! Base yourself in the Oceanside city of Lima, where you’ll have access to world-class dining, a good Wi-Fi connection, and an up and coming community of digital nomads. Spend your weekends learning how to surf on the country’s 1,500-mile stretch of coastline, or hiking up Machu Picchu when you’ve had enough fun in the sun.

Now that you know the best beach towns to work visa-free for up to six months, get packing! Keep all your gear (and fun trinkets you pick up on the way) organized and compact in a compression cube set. Remember; always confirm your country’s visa requirements before buying a plane ticket.


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