July 14th, 2016

How to Properly Pack Your Passport

How to Properly Pack Your Passport

Your passport is the most important item that you carry when you travel. Learn which wallets and packing organizers will keep it—as well as visas, prescriptions, and other personal documents—secure.

They’re the most important things that you carry when you travel: your passport and other personal documents. Not only does your passport identify you, but it singlehandedly gets you into and out of other countries. There are a number of ways to pack your passport and keep it safe, and this guide shows you all the options. It also covers the precautions that you should take to help prevent theft on the road.

First things first. When you travel, carry multiple copies of your passport. One ingenious tip from a long-term traveler I know is to put a copy in each of your bags, just in case you lose one. Then scan all of your personal documents. This includes the basics, like: passport, visas, prescriptions, doctors’ notes, etc. But don’t forget to scan the less obvious important items like your credit cards and applicable customer service numbers. Aggregate this information into a file and email it to yourself so that, in case you lose everything, you have a way to quickly access all of your important items.

Also, choose your baggage wisely. For most trips, you should have a safe place to store the bulk of your documents, cash, and credit cards, and then a more casual place to carry some local currency and the basics that you’ll use when you’re shopping and exploring. That safe place, however, can vary depending on how you carry things when you travel. Eagle Creek has you covered on wallets and organizers, so it just comes down to understanding your travel style and picking the one that best suits your trip.

Take, for instance, the RFID Travel Zip Wallet. This is a great basic wallet for travelers. Its large size and zippered compartment make it both big enough to fit your passport comfortably and safe enough to ensure that it won’t fall out. It also has a RFID-blocker pocket to protect your personal data. Made of durable ripstop, this wallet goes the distance and holds up to even the toughest travel route. And depending on the size of your case, you can even fit an iPhone inside!

Looking for something a little bigger? Maybe you have multiple plane tickets, bus passes, or medical paperwork that you need to keep in one place, or even a small daybook or itinerary. The RFID Travel Zip Organizer is your new best friend. The organizer is spacious, but still won’t take up too much room in a purse, backpack, or carryall. Like the Travel Zip Wallet, it has a RFID-blocker pocket big enough for your passport. The front slip pocket is a great place to stash your cell phone, and it can easily accommodate 8.5” x 11” paper when folded. With an attached handle, this organizer is a solid choice for multipurpose functionality.

If you need something a little more secure and hidden for when you are out and about, you can’t go wrong with either the RFID Blocker Neck Wallet or Silk Undercover™ Money Belt.  Both of these options are perfect for ensuring that your passport and important items are safe while you’re out exploring for the day. You wear them under clothing, making it harder for crooks to notice and grab your wallet. The neck wallet comes with an internal mesh divider for greater organizational ability, and the strap is adjustable for better comfort. Made of ripstop and RFID blocker weave, the wallet is both durable and secure. The money belt is made of moisture-resistant, washable silk that will feel great against your skin. It’s roomy enough for your passport and currency, but slim enough that nobody will suspect you are wearing it. There are two zippered pockets to keep your stuff separated.

No matter what your choice is for travel security, it’s important to have a safe place to stow your passport, as well as the host of other important documents and items that you have to carry when you travel.

For even more packing tips, check out this comprehensive list.

Now it’s your turn, travelers. How do you keep your stuff secure when you travel? Sound off in the comments below.

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by Shannon ODonnell

Shannon O'Donnell is a long-term traveler who has been on the road since 2008; she travels slowly and supports grassroots tourism along the way. She is an acclaimed travel speaker and works with universities and businesses all over the U.S. to talk about supporting developing countries.