The Eagle Creek name is synonymous with quality. Manufactured with the highest standard of workmanship and the best quality materials available, every product is built to last. Watch the video. 

Our Promise

When we receive your travel bag or luggage, if it is covered under our warranty, we will repair it or replace it with an available product of similar features and value. We will then send it back to you at no charge. 

Need a Spare Part?

Spare parts for your product can be viewed and purchased by clicking here. Alternatively, you can ship your product to one of our “Certified Repair Centers” listed below and we will be happy to install it for you.

How to Repair or Replace Your Product

The repair process starts with you sending your Eagle Creek travel accessories or lightweight luggage to one of our licensed repair centers. Simply use the appropriate shipping form below.

Note: Shipping your Eagle Creek product to us is at your expense, but we'll take care of getting it back to you.

  • Use the appropriate shipping form below and include the following information: Contact name, repair type, the return ship-to address, phone number, e-mail address (required if you want automated notifications when your product is shipped back to you) and any other special instructions, like "Rush" or "Please Do Not Replace".
  • Please note in clear, bold letters "Attn: Warranty Dept" on the outside of your package. This will help us to track your product during its visit to one of our repair facilities.
  • No return authorization or phone call is required.
  • Standard turnaround time is 3 weeks from date of receipt.

Care and handling instructions:  A clean product is required (and more pleasant) for our technicians to work with. We recommend you hand-wash your item with a mild soap and line dry. Avoid brushing the exterior or the inside fabric coating with a stiff brush, instead use a soft sponge or cloth. Do not use bleach as this could damage the fabric and the coating. Do not put it in the washing machine or dryer!

Still have questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions

US Repairs Only

  • Eagle Creek Inc.

    Attn: Warranty Department
    5935 Darwin Court
    Carlsbad, CA 92008
    Phone: 1-800-874-1048
    Email: Eagle_Creek_Warranty [at] vfc [dot] com 

  • The Fixery

    Attn: John McKeon
    80 Mott Ave
    Inwood, NY 11096
    Email: info [at] TheFixery [dot] com
    Toll Free: 1-800-2-Fixery
    Phone: 516-371-6622 

  • Bromen's Luggage

    (No Wheel or Handle Repairs) 
    Attn: Paul Bromen
    300 Central Ave.
    Osseo, MN 55369
    Phone: 800-377-4347
    Email: bromenluggage [at] aol [dot] com

Canadian Repairs Only

  • Edmonton Luggage

    Attn: Mary Gunn
    South Park Shopping Center
    #180-3803 Calgary Trail S.
    Edmonton, Alberta T6J 5M8
    Phone: 780-413-8295
    Fax: 780-413-6334
    Email: edmontonluggage [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Luggage Town Ltd.

    Attn: Michael Goril
    644 Millway Ave., Unit 1
    Concord, ON., Canada
    Phone: 905-669-6358

  • Weston Luggage

    316 East 1st Ave.

    Vancouver, BC. V5T-1A9 

    Phone: 604-685-9749 

    Fax: 604-709-9825 

    Email: westonluggage [at] telus [dot] net 

European Repairs Only

Import documents may be required. Please check with your specific carrier.

Australian Repairs Only

  • Phoenix Leisure Group

    Warehouse 2

    Attn: Returns/ Repair Centre

    5 Aero Road,

    Ingleburn, NSW

    Australia, 2565

    Contact: Richard Newton

    Phone: +61 2 9829 8121

    Fax: +61 2 9829 8141

    Email: rnewton [at] plg [dot] com [dot] au

Lifetime Warranty

No Matter What™ Warranty

Our No Matter What™ Warranty covers the Lifetime Warranty promise plus the added insurance of repair or replacement due to damage, regardless of the cause. During this period, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Contents of your bag are excluded.

Collections backed by the added protection of the No Matter What™ Warranty: Exploration Series, Ease Collection, EC Adventure Collection, No Matter What™ Duffels

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Our Lifetime Warranty covers workmanship and materials against defect for the entire life of the product. During this period, if the product is covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace it at our discretion. Contents of your bag, normal wear and tear, abuse and cosmetic wear and tear are excluded.