Travel Anywhere With These Expert Packing Tips

Travel Anywhere With These Expert Packing Tips

There’s nothing quite like opening up an empty suitcase in preparation for an upcoming trip. All that possibility, adventure and fun, just waiting to happen. However, even the most seasoned travelers aren’t immune from feeling a hint of trepidation when looking back and forth between closet and luggage, wondering exactly how it will all fit! If you are one of the many for whom packing feels more like an advanced science project than simply part of the fun of preparing to go on a trip, check out the following tips to ensure an efficiently packed masterpiece, no matter your destination or mode of travel.

The Eagle Creek tribe of travelers have been helping people pack since 1975 and know a thing or two about packing, they helped to develop an entire packing system and have put together their expertise to create the following expert tips to help fellow travelers pack for any itinerary. From Pack-It Cubes to Compression Sacs, we’ve got you covered.

Adventure Travel

So you’re planning to zip line across a Costa Rican jungle, mountain bike La Paz to Coroico, or hike the Hollyford Valley in New Zealand. We applaud your spirit. Before you throw caution to the wind watch out for the dirty, sandy, debris-filled and of course, wet/sweaty, and smelly results of your endeavors. Compression Sacs are great for separating and compressing dirty laundry and Pack-It Mud Boxes will keep your muddy shoes and gear away from your clean, dry clothing.

Take technology with you on your next backpacking adventure. If you like to stay connected and travel with lots of devices requiring chargers, memory cards and the like, Pack-It Protect-It Cubes are a lifeline with padding and panel dividers to organize and separate electronics. We love that they will even help keep your laptop safe.

Bright Lights, Big City Visit

Is it the Big Apple that calls to you? The royal jewel of London, or the hustle and bustle of Mexico City? Once you’ve put together the right outfits for all the city parks, museums, plays and fancy dinners on your agenda, organize different types of clothing (dressy/workout/daily) in color-coded Folders and Cubes to keep everything organized and easy to get to. Then you can avoid digging around your bag for clean socks or running shorts, spend less time figuring out the perfect outfit, and more time enjoying the sites.

Here’s an extra tip: As you make memories in the metropolitan area of your choice, keep tickets, brochures and your travel journal in a Pack-It Sac. If you like to shop, a Packable Tote or Duffel stuffs away small and is ideal for larger purchases and items you need to carry home by hand.

R&R Vacation

You deserve this. Whether it’s a week of tropical drinks, sun tanning, and reading an indulgent stack of magazines you have planned, or a restorative retreat sans your cell phone, Two-Sided Cubes are perfect for separating dirty/damp from dry/clean items. Need to take back a damp swimsuit or the results of a hot yoga class? No problem put those items one side of the Cube and your dry shorts and top on the other side. The necessary personal care items to keep you hydrated and protected from the sun (sunscreen, water, etc) fit perfectly into a Half Cube. Pack your personal items into your main bag and use the Half Cube for easy grab and go for your day on the beach or at the pool. Ah, paradise!

Business Travel

We get it. Travel isn’t always about a vacation. Save time and space on your next business trip by simplifying your carry-on packing to get thru TSA faster. Organizing your business items and personal items in separate Cubes makes them extra easy to access at security and during your flight. Make in-flight tasks easily reachable by placing your electronics and cords in a Cube. Attending an important function? Bringing a suit doesn’t mean an extra bag. Forget the extra garment bag and pick up a Pack-It Garment Sleeve, which fits perfectly inside a 22-inch carry-on.

Family Travel

Road Trip! Either on another continent or right from your backyard, the whole brood is set up for merry bonding through parks, landmarks, great local eateries and the sights and stops along the way. Sounds like one wild ride! Stay sane by packing in large capacity bags and color code Pack-It Cubes for various members of your family. Also color code Pack-ItTM system products for different activities like games in a red Cube, snacks a blue one, and toys in black. Stow these in an easily accessible spot to fight off, “are we there yet?” choruses.

Packing sounds almost…fun doesn’t it! Keep these suggestions in mind and zip up those organized bags, you packing savant! And do let us know where your next travel adventure will be, won’t you?