ecLync™ System

How It Works


The EC Lync System™ is an ultra-lightweight rolling bag that converts to a backpack (or duffel) and then collapses and stows away into a small stuff bag. Durability tested to the max, this bag is built tough for the road ahead and covered by the No Matter What™ Warranty.

  • “Eagle Creek is introducing a revolutionary new answer to the one-size-fits-all piece of luggage. Essentially a roller bag, this lightweight marvel converts to a backpack and breaks down flat for quick storage.” -
  • “With a large number of people living in apartments, condos or other small spaces, Eagle Creek built this piece with them in mind. Eagle Creek is reinventing versatility.” - Open Air Life
  • “The wheeled hard-frame on this 4-pound 6-ounce hybrid pack can be separated with a snap, allowing the back to transform from airport roller to backpack or hand-held duffle in the time it takes you to park your car.” - Mens Journal



Multiple Ways to Carry

Versatility refined. The 20, 22 and 26 convert from a rolling bag to a backpack, and the 29 comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry it as a duffel. When you're done using it, disassemble and store it away in its small stuff sac.

All Of This

Stow > Lync > Go

Patent-pending technology gives this bag ultra-collapsibility and disassembly for easy storage and flexible travel options. From small stuff sack to full-size travel bag, you can stow it, roll it, or carry it.


The EC Lync™ System was crafted using durable, ultra-light, and water-resistant fabrics. The removable lightweight aluminum frame, removable shoulder straps, and ExpandStand™ all lend to the ultra-light design concept.


20 / 36L 22 / 43L 26 / 62L 29 / 74L

EC Lync™ System 22 / 43 L

4 lb 9 oz
Bag without Frame:
1 lb 14 oz
2625 cu in


No Matter WhatPerfecting the right combination of materials and fabrics with a high strength-to-weight ratio, we chose the absolute best for optimum durability in a lightweight package. Designed with a large-diameter aluminum frame and put through the rigors of relentless testing, the EC Lync™ System is covered by the No Matter What™ Warranty.