October 23rd, 2012

Top Packing Tips and Advice for Women

Top Packing Tips and Advice for Women

Blogger Expert Angie Orth shares how women travelers can save space (and avoid extra baggage fees!) by packing smarter for their next getaway.

Calling all women travelers: Do you find packing for a trip stressful? It can be very difficult to narrow down all of the items you think you’ll need to really enjoy your travel experience. Packing can be one of the most difficult parts of planning, but it doesn’t have to be. With these time-and-space saving tips, packing concerns will be the last thing on your mind and you’ll be able to focus on the important stuff – the fun you’re going to have on the trip! Pack light. At least a week before you travel, lay out everything you’d like to take, then cut the amount of items in half. Don’t be afraid to be ruthless! A general rule of thumb: If you won’t wear it more than 2-3 times during the course of your trip, don’t bring it. If you plan to wash clothes as you travel, you can pack even lighter. Take a travel-sized bottle of laundry detergent (3 oz or less) to wash your quick-dry items before bed. In the morning, your clothes will be ready to wear. Try to stick to three pairs of lightweight shoes - one pair of athletic shoes (that you’ll wear on the plane to save space), flip-flops that can double as shower shoes and one pair of nice flats. If you find you need heels while traveling, you can always buy them on the road. Short of prescription medications, extra contact lenses and very specific toiletries, you should be able to pick up whatever you require as you travel.  And though you may not always find your favorite brand, trying out new products on the road is all part of the fun. Otherwise, use 3 oz bottles and be selective about you really need. (Helpful tip: Before you pack, do a little research about what types of stores and resources your destination has, just in case there won’t be stores to fulfill your needs and you need to bring everything with you.) Stick to a single color scheme The best way to look like a million bucks in all of your travel photos (and travel light) is to coordinate your separates to mix and match well. Jeans, solid tops, black capris, a black skirt and a neutral or khaki blazer are great pieces to use as a foundation. Amplify your look with accessories Once you’ve packed re-wearable mix-and-match essentials, you’ll have plenty of space to bring accessories in every color. Bright, patterned scarves & sarongs go a long way toward pulling an outfit together. Whereas pricey bracelets, rings or necklaces are unnecessary items that could get lost or stolen, inexpensive scarves can serve multiple purposes – scarf, towel, blanket, headband – and you don’t have to worry as much about them disappearing. Plan ahead for comfort Nothing goes further toward improving the quality of your trip—or helps you looks better in your travel photos!—than waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day’s adventures. Don’t forget to take earplugs and an eye mask, which are especially handy for long plane rides where you might share personal space with fussy toddlers or loud snorers. Organize carry-on essentials In a single folder, keep important travel documents such as your boarding pass, passport, flight itinerary, transportation and accommodation details for arrival, physical address of the hotel/hostel (for immigration forms) and a copy of your onward travel itinerary in your carry-on. That way, you won’t have to go searching for an essential piece of paperwork right when you need it the most Anything of value should stay either at home or with you at all times. This means all electronics, jewelry, watches, phone, keys, etc., should be tucked safely in your carry-on bag. Unless you have travel insurance that covers loss, if your checked bag never makes it to your destination, the airline will not reimburse you for its value. In a separate pouch, keep mini-sizes of hand lotion, lip gloss, deodorant, contact solution, toothpaste and hand sanitizer. Moisturizing is key, especially on long-haul flights that tend to dry out skin and eyes. Lastly, it helps to pack snacks – even if you never get around to eating them. You’ll certainly be glad you packed rations if your plane gets delayed for a few hours! Apples travel fairly well but remember to eat or throw it out before you try to exit immigration – depending on where you’re traveling, you could be fined handsomely if you forget. Featured Products Tarmac AWD 22 Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set Silk Undercover™ Bra Stash Related Links Infographic: Pack Your Luggage Right Travel Tips and Packing Lists 


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