July 21st, 2016

Buying Guide: Duffels

Buying Guide: Duffels

When your travel requires you to pack more than a standard backpack allows, a duffel bag is the right choice for you. But choosing the right duffel bag is a very important consideration, so be sure to think of what features and qualities you’ll need it to have while traveling. As you review these bags, consider the following questions:

●    How long will I be traveling?
●    Do want a carry-on?
●    Do I plan on bringing back more items than I took with me?
●    Does my bag need to have weather protection?
●    Do I need to be able to lock my bag?
●    How much organization do I want?

All of these questions will help you find the bag that is the perfect choice for your trip. To help you choose the right duffel, here is our guide to the varieties of duffels available. Happy shopping!

carry-on duffels

Carry-On Duffels

One of the biggest differentiators among duffel bags is, unsurprisingly, size. That’s why one of the most important questions to ask yourself before choosing a duffel is whether you will need to carry it on when you travel by air. If so, then you are in luck. Eagle Creek carries a number of carry-on size duffel bags, giving you the space of a duffel without the need to sacrifice convenience. For standard, non-wheeled duffels, the Cargo Hauler Duffel 45L/S is a great lightweight choice that’s not only carry-on size, it also can be carried as a backpack. The No Matter What™ Duffel 30.5L/S is another great option and comes with a stuff sac for easy storage when the trip is through.

Check out the Load Warrior™ International Carry-On if you enjoy unstructured packing space but still like the idea of wheels and handle. This bag is sized for international travel. It will, of course, work just as well for domestic and car travel, making it a great choice for your go-to bag. Regardless of which of our carry-on duffels you choose, you will be surprised by just how much they can hold. If you want something lightweight yet durable, a carry-on duffel may be the best choice for you.

wheeled duffels

Wheeled Duffels

The benefit of a rolling duffel is clear: Wheels. You have the ability to roll the bag whenever you need to, giving your back and shoulders a much-needed break. Most traditional duffels only have wheels once they exceed a certain size, which makes sense because you only truly need wheels once a bag exceeds a certain weight. Take, for example, the No Matter What™ Rolling Duffel 122L/XL. This bag is massive. And not only is it massive, but it also have massive wheels. And it’s built to the highest durability standard and earns the “No Matter What” Warranty title.

Eagle Creek rolling wheeled duffel bags are able to withstand a beating, making them a great choice for rugged terrain and extended travel. Duffels are lightweight yet extremely durable, giving you the best bang for your buck. 

non wheeled duffels

Non-Wheeled Duffels

While wheels may be helpful in airports and on smooth ground, they are not always optimal. Sometimes you don’t want wheels because you just don’t need the weight. Besides, let’s face it–wheels are great, but sometimes you want something you can comfortably throw on your back or over your shoulder and hit the ground running. That is why we offer non-wheeled, classic duffels. For example, our Cargo Hauler Duffels, including the Cargo Hauler Duffel 90L/L, are expertly constructed for an ultra-light, super durable carry, and built to haul all your gear. 

Regardless of your travel needs, Eagle Creek has a duffel bag that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a duffel for a specific trip or a go-anywhere bag for last-minute adventures, the duffel bag is a perfect choice. 

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