Favorite Products: Travel Accessories

RFID Blocker Undercovers™
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Sporting Goods Intelligence
For those seeking added security for credit cards and passports, Eagle Creek has added RFID Blocking technology to its most popular Undercover styles, such as the RFID Blocker Hidden Pocket… [RFID Blocker] Money Belt and RFID Blocker Neck Wallet. The items are designed to be discreet and comfortable.
Tri-Fold Wallet
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My wonderful old Eagle Creek tri-fold served me well for +/- 12 years, but I have used it hard and it's now worn out. I was afraid this slightly different design would not be a good replacement, but I am thrilled to report that it is even better... It is marvelous for keeping a spare car key and the little plastic "membership/loyalty cards" that I need to flash occasionally for points and discounts. I am loving my new wallet.
Silk Undercover™ Bra Stash
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Beverly Hills, CA
I use this on all my trips. It holds my credit cards and paper currency. It can go into the ocean, (money gets a little wet, but not ruined). I wore it washing down elephants in a river, ocean kayaking, and of course, hiking. Great way to keep my ID on me without carrying anything bulky. After 8 years, it is thinning in the corners, and I'm ordering a new one.
RFID Travel Zip Organizer
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NH Bound
I just took this on a 4 day trip. I bought it for the RFID blocking, as well as the design. I was surprised by the great organizational features. A separate pocket just for US cash. A zippered pouch for change. Lots of space for debit/credit cards, a pen holder, and a spot for a driver's license. In the main compartment, I found I could easily store all my receipts on one side and my checkbook on the other side. The outside pouch is perfect for a boarding pass. I really love it and I'm happy to have purchased it!
All Terrain Money Belt
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Fayetteville, NC, United States
I have been using this belt daily for the past 15 years. The hidden zipper pouch has carried my traveling/emergency cash during vacations and military deployments. I would recommend this belt to any traveler, the security of having a place to put extra cash in an unobtrusive location but still readily available is huge.
Easy Blink Eyeshade
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I travel quite a bit and hate having things pushing on my eyes when I am trying to catch a few winks in-flight. This eyeshade is perfect! It is light-weight, does not put pressure on your eyes, and is so comfortable to wear that I sometimes forget I have it on. Want to catch forty winks on your next travel excursion? This is a must have!
RFID Blocker Neck Wallet
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My husband wears one of these when we travel out of the country and has found it durable and useful. We purchased this one in a lighter color for our daughter's upcoming trip to London. One side of the pouch holds our passports if we need to take them out of our room safe and the other side of the pouch holds our financial things. We feel comfortable knowing that our valuables won't be easily pick pocketed from this pouch.
Rain Away Travel Umbrella
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Tustin, CA, United States
Just used this tiny umbrella for a six day backpacking trip over two passes in the California High Sierra Mountains. Such a great way to be protected from the sun. I could keep my big hat in my pack and just wear the lightest short sleeve shirt without having to care about the sun at 10,000 - 12,000 ft! Delightful and well worth the weight. Just had to reef it when I needed poles for traversing on rough terrain. Can't wait to use it around town.
A Dependable Customer Favorite
Very absorbent and softer than other brands… it even comes with its own travel sack!