Favorite Products: Luggage & Packs

Load Warrior™ Carry-On
5 of 5 Stars
Traveling grandma
Bigfork, MT
It took me quite a few bags to find the carry-on that suited me. This has been perfect. The weight is great, it is easy to pack and stuff more stuff in. I love the strap that allows me to clip the handles of a tote bag or purse to piggy back. The handles are in the perfect places to grab and lift, making it easy to maneuver. The blue color is easy to identify among all the other carry-ons on the luggage cart. My bag has traveled more times in the belly of the small CR 200's than in the clean overhead plane compartments and it still looks great. It fits very nicely in the overhead plane compartments. I love this bag so much, that now all my granddaughters have one! This is my favorite piece of Eagle Creek luggage.
EC Lync™ System Carry-On
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Karen P.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
I bought this bag for a trip to Amsterdam in October, and I'm so glad I did! I was able to pack everything I needed for a twelve-day trip in this bag, and it was so lightweight that it made my trip even more enjoyable. I didn't have to worry about taking this bag with me on trains or public transportation, or be concerned about carrying it up steps or in small elevators in the hotels we stayed. I have recommended this bag to my family and all my friends!
Load Hauler Expandable
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San Diego, CA
I'm a very frequent business traveler. This bag fits a lot of stuff, and I'm not the smallest person on earth (5'8", 240lbs). I fit 4 days worth of clothes ( 4 pr. socks, 4 pr. underwear, 4 t-shirts, 5 shirts, 2 pr. jeans, 2 pr. pants), toiletries, laptop and power cord. All this fit without unzipping the bag extension. It fit into the airplane overhead compartment very nicely as well. If you want to dump your bigger carry-on luggage, use this bag to take its place!
Gear Warrior™ Series
5 of 5 Stars
Outside Buyer's Guide
There are plenty of big-ass rollers around. What makes this one so great? High-quality construction, but also the little things like reflective piping for nighttime visibility, lots of haul handles and a metal hooked bungee for affixing bulky items like helmets (it was with great joy that we found that this same hook doubled as a bottle opener). Verdict: compared with the other big-haulers we tried, the Warrior was better built and more user friendly.
EC Adventure 4-Wheeled Upright Carry-On
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Ms. G... perpetual world traveler
Cartersville, GA, United States
I do a long month and a half trip each summer. Rugged back roading, long van trips. Weekend festivals, with a conference during the year. This bag is just right for that over stuffing of camp wear. Zippers appear to be super strong and easy to zip. Material is also easy to sponge wipe for a quick clean up. I love Eagle Creek products and am still using three other bags and packs, that I have. This luggage is long lived and always ready for my next adventure! Love the horizontal opening on this new bag!! Way to go Eagle Creek!
No Matter What™ Duffel S
5 of 5 Stars
San Pedro, Honduras
This is an amazing duffel. Honestly...I can't stop looking at it. Another reviewer said it looked like something Jack Bauer would pick up from the airport. That sounded cheesy until I actually saw this thing. It is VERY HIGH QUALITY. This Eagle Creek duffel is clearly designed to last. As in "every single detail has been thought out and designed to hold up under demanding conditions for a long time." That sounds like a product ad, but it's not. It has the quality of an overpriced North Face or similar at a mere fraction of the cost. If you order this duffel, you will not be disappointed! If you are on the fence about this bag, DO IT!!!
EC Adventure 4-Wheeled Upright 28
5 of 5 Stars
Los Angeles, CA, United States
I have enjoyed using Eagle Creek products for over 35 years, and am blown away not only by the quality, but by how they both regularly improve upon their products and stand by them. I have only twice, in all that time, needed to send something back, and both times they were replaced. The baggage is incredibly durable and reliable. Nothing better than never ever having to think about your luggage when on a trip. EC has earned my loyalty for life.
A Dependable Customer Favorite
This is one tough little bag. It’s easy to pack and has room for everything. The handle is great and the gear grabber strap is awesome!