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Afar Backpack
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Silver Spring, MD
I purchased this for a trip to Maui and Moloka'i. I have several other Eagle Creek luggage items, but wanted to really go light this time. After comparing literally dozens of different day packs from various vendors, I went with Eagle Creek (again!) and this new offering. Using it in combination with the Specter sacks, I have packed everything I need for two weeks with room to spare. (Well, my EC fanny pack is going along, too.) Despite racking my brain for something missing or a way to improve the product, I can't think of ANYTHING. Kudos to the design team on this one. You knocked it out of the park! P.S. This is the first bag I've owned with a dedicated laptop compartment and I really appreciate that feature. I can get my ThinkPad out for TSA screening without disturbing the rest of the pack.
Straight Up Business Brief RFID
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Seattle, WA
I needed a better bag for my business commute, and this one is it! What I like about this bag is the three ways of carrying it - as a backpack, messenger bag and briefcase. I tend to use it as a backpack most often, as I have a fairly good walk to/from the office, but also wanted the other options as well. For its size, it is amazing how much fits, and there are a number of different areas within the bag to put things in. The areas for the laptop (I use a 15.6" which fits great) and tablet do a great job of protection. Well-designed and well-constructed - my favorite bag!
Load Hauler Expandable
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San Diego, CA
I'm a very frequent business traveler. This bag fits a lot of stuff, and I'm not the smallest person on earth (5'8", 240lbs). I fit 4 days worth of clothes ( 4 pr. socks, 4 pr. underwear, 4 t-shirts, 5 shirts, 2 pr. jeans, 2 pr. pants), toiletries, laptop and power cord. All this fit without unzipping the bag extension. It fit into the airplane overhead compartment very nicely. If you want to dump your bigger carry-on luggage, this bag can take its place very nicely.
Deviate Travel Pack 60L
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Seattle, WA
I just needed a large enough travel backpack for week long trips on school holidays, weekends, and longer backpacking and camping trips with friends, my study abroad semester, and some vacation trips with friends. I liked this pack because it was a carry-on for airplanes, large enough to carry all of my stuff, had a separate day pack, and a rain cover for those rainy hikes, as well as for storage. It even had a pouch for my water bag when hiking! This pack is like the swiss army knife of backpacks, it has everything I need for adventures, hikes, trips home, study abroad, and road trips with friends.
Travel Bug Mini Backpack RFID
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Lover of the Travel Bug
I took this backpack (which my dad and I fondly nicknamed "the Bug") on a college trip to Bali, Indonesia. I had wanted the perfect bag that I could use as a carry-on on the way there, but that could also pass as a "personal item" by the airline's standards (in other words, able to fit under the seat in front of me)... It fit everything I needed in a carry-on, but was small enough to hold in my lap. While in Bali, the bag worked great! At one time, it fit a 1-liter water bottle and a bunched up sarong, plus loads more, and didn't even feel heavy on my back. It's well padded and very compact. It went everywhere with me! I highly recommend the Bug for anyone who wants the perfect daypack or travel bag.
Packable Tote
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Southern Illinois
This is the perfect tote for travel. It's compact, lightweight, and fits nicely just about anywhere. It's a great solution for carrying everything we need for flying and I really like the lockable zipper feature. It's big enough to carry both our rolled up jackets, my e-reader, our water bottles, an umbrella, a few snacks AND my purse. Even with all this, I find it's not too big or bulky. It's the perfect bag to tuck along on our vacation adventures, explorations and shopping excursions and roomy enough for our visits to the local farmers markets. An added bonus is that it doesn't require any awkward folding -- simply stuff it into it's attached pocket, zip it, drop it into your carry-on or (bigger) purse and go! The bag isn't "girlie", so it's not a problem to get my husband to carry it. Woo-hoo!!!
Tailfeather RFID Medium
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San Francisco, CA
I use it for personal AND business! The outside pockets are so perfect: for water bottles, sunglasses, folded grocery bags, etc. I used a different bag by Eagle Creek for years and bought this bag as a "backup". Now, I like this bag best, and it goes everywhere. I wear it as a fanny pack, or sling it over my shoulder. The loop on the top is perfect for the hook on the back of toilet stalls in ladies rooms. I can put tiny combination locks through the zipper tabs for extra security while traveling. I love it! The only place I don't use it is at cocktail parties and weddings. And I miss it badly then!
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A Dependable Customer Favorite
I've had a lot of bags in my life and the Emerson tops them all; it's practical, comfortable, keeps me organized and yet it's stylish and versatile.