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Packing Tips

Eagle Creek Packing Tips

So, you have a trip coming up, more or less two weeks, and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the thought of trying to shove everything into a carry-on. Good, you have successfully navigated yourself to the perfect guide and carry-on packing list. Our Travel Expert, Jessica Dodson, illustrates the physical process of successful, minimal, and purposeful packing for a two-week vacation.


Choose Your Bag Wisely

The Tarmac Carry-On wasn’t chosen at random for this video. Besides the obvious carry-on size, there are two beneficial features when it comes to a tight squeeze. First, this bag has two wheels compared to the four-wheeled carry-on bags that are gaining popularity,. What you might not know is, two wheeled carry-on bags generally have more internal space because there is less structure in front. Second, the Tarmac has an expandable zipper, which will be advantageous later when adding in those cool souvenirs you’ve collected from your epic adventures into the unknown.


Think About Your Agenda

What are your plans while you’re on vacation? Think about those main attractions and activities that are planned prior, and prep accordingly for those. If you’re planning an active hiking adventure or a beach vacation, you’ll need a different set of clothes than, say, two weeks sightseeing in Europe. Don’t worry, we’re not saying you should know details for every hour of every day, but preparing for what you DO know is easiest. Lay-out those outfits in particular, and those items are a great starting point—don’t worry, you’ll adjust your full packing list later, as you continue the process of editing your wardrobe down to carry-on compatible.