January 1st, 2006

Eagle Creekers Seek Industry Love At Its Winter Market


Who & What:

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market goers are invited to join Eagle Creek in celebrating its 30 year anniversary the right way, with margaritas and a brief (we promise, ahem), nostalgic, albeit strange, company story as told by Founder & CEO Steve Barker, and his long-time accomplice, Executive Vice President, Ricky Schlesinger.


Eagle Creek invented the adventure travel category. As the company reaches its 30th year in the young adventure travel category it's hard not to look back at the mile markers along the way. And so, Steve and Ricky are gearing up to share with the industry the company's rather strange (it's all off-record, of course!) trip.

Here's a bit about the journey, the clean part (for the record): It began in 1975 when Eagle Creek introduced its very first pack, the Ham Hawk (still, one of the greatest luggage names ever). Eagle Creek then developed the first modular zip-off daypack and were the first to put backpack straps on luggage (e.g., the Switchback™). Eagle Creek later rolled out the first bag with wheels for the outdoor market, introduced the entire Pack-It™ concept, and was the first in the travel gear category to offer a lifetime warranty, quickly followed by the groundbreaking, No Matter What™ guarantee for its Explorations Systems collection.

Innovation has come naturally for Eagle Creek because it exists to make travel easier. When Eagle "Creekers" were there, they were really were. They dragged luggage over cobblestone streets, they wished they could toss their luggage on their backs to hike into that ravine, and they were there searching for a place to store all those souvenirs and rifling around for that other dang sock.

Why the reception matters to the industry: As much as Eagle Creek enjoys looking back, it starts into its fourth decade with eyes firmly on the future. So, while taking in the margaritas and sharing group hugs within the industry's mutual admiration society (Eagle Creek loves its retailers and customers, and it's returned just the same) industry folks also will get an early (blurry) look at the few products, styles, designs and innovations that will break new ground for Fall 2006, and a chance to connect with industry influencers and enjoy the ongoing journey.

Where & Where:

Sunday, January 29, 2006, 4:00 P.M., at O.R.'s Winter Market, SLC, Utah, Eagle Creek booth (#3707).


You've first got to drop by the Eagle Creek (anytime prior to the party) booth to pick up your concert (a.k.a., "drink") ticket which entitles the bearer to score a filled, take-home margarita shaker with party logo.

Media Contact: Chris Doyle, Eagle Creek PR * 916.791.9409 * cdoyle@eaglecreek.com