April 18th, 2014

Eagle Creek ORV Trunk Wins Travel Award From Outside Magazine

Eagle Creek ORV Trunk Wins Travel Award From Outside Magazine

San Diego, Ca. (April 18, 2014) – Known for innovation, quality construction and durability, Eagle Creek travel gear is proud to receive the 2014 Travel Award from Outside Magazine for their ORV Trunk from their redesigned Exploration Series Collection. The honor, bestowed in the April 2014, issue shows that quality and multi-functionality can come in really huge packages.

The awards notes, “Our usual gripe with soft-sided, high capacity trunks is that they lose their shape after a few trips. Not so with the ORV, which is sheathed in ballistic fabrics and reinforced at the corners and bottom. Add a skid plate and burly wheels and this 143 liter crate can handle anything but a war zone. Our favorite feature: sealed compartments that can safely contain a soaked wetsuit on that long interisland ferry ride”

“We are really excited to receive this award,” said Roger Spatz, President at Eagle Creek. “Our product designers are always working to improve upon the status quo and develop new concepts – with innovation, durability and function at the forefront of every effort.”

The ORV Trunk is available now at eaglecreek.com.


Eagle Creek Website: http://www.eaglecreek.com/

ORV Trunk page: http://shop.eaglecreek.com/ORV-Trunk-luggage-series/l/145

Outsideonline: http://www.outsideonline.com/