January 1st, 2015

Eagle Creek Introduces New Love Neck Pillow For Spring ‘15 Get Comfortable...

Eagle Creek Introduces New Love Neck Pillow For Spring ‘15 Get Comfortable...

No one should be asked to compromise rest or comfort while traveling.

San Diego, Ca. – Eagle Creek solves the one thing people don’t love about neck pillows – they’re too thick behind the neck. Introducing the Neck Love Pillow. As smooth as a Barry White song, this new pillow is flat behind the neck, offering ergonomic support that doesn’t force your head down into the drooling position.

Like a loveseat for necks, the new Neck Love Pillow cups the head, (finally) providing true plane seat sleeping comfort and proving how much Eagle Creek employees really do travel. When your only chance to sleep is on a plane, comfort is key. And what’s more, carrying it when not in use has also been addressed, with a handy front clip that secures the pillow while wearing it, but can also be used to attach it to luggage

Travel Comfort highlights include:

Neck Love Pillow

This ergonomically designed neck pillow is shaped for maximum comfort with a front clip for secure positioning in use and easy carry during transit.

Neck Love Pillow (EC 41274)

Weight: 6 oz; Size: 12 x 12 x 5.5 in


  • Super soft filling provides custom support

  • Flat back contoured for comfort

  • Front clip to secure pillow position, or to attach to luggage handle for easy carry


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