February 1st, 2014

Eagle Creek Introduces All Ways Secure™ Functionality

Eagle Creek Introduces All Ways Secure™ Functionality

Anti-Theft, Digital Safe-Zone and Personal Safety Integrated Into All New Day Traveler™ Bags 

Focusing on safety as a whole, Eagle Creek has built in All Ways Secure™ functionality into its new Day Traveler™ product. This added protection ensures Eagle Creek users are always adventure-secure, without compromise. 

San Diego, Ca. (February 1, 2014) – Eagle Creek product has been tested around the world to make sure it stands up to the test of time, but they didn’t stop there. Always responding to the ever-evolving challenges of travel security, personal safety and technology protection, Eagle Creek has now integrated All Ways Secure™ functionality throughout their new Day Traveler and Classic Day Traveler lines to ensure that every element of travel security is addressed.   

All Ways Secure™ is broken down into 3 parts for a holistic approach: Anti-Theft qualities, Digital Safe-Zone protection and Personal Safety features

  • Anti Theft – Designed to keep your possessions and information safe: Secret stash pockets, Secure Zip™ Toggles or lockable zippers to keep prying fingers out, and an RFID Blocker Vault Pocket to prevent RFID readers from reading and stealing personal information
  • Digital Safe Zone – Money isn't the only thing needing protection. Soft, padded anti-static e-fleece pocketing keeps electronics in place and protected.
  • Personal Safety – NightSafe reflectivity and integrated loops to attach lights or reflectors 

Look for the All Ways Secure™ tag on Eagle Creek Travel Gear at retail 2/1/14 

Anti-Theft features:

Anti-Theft Secret Pocket

Anti-Theft RFID Vault Pocket

Anti-Theft Secure Zip™ Toggle

Anti-Theft Lockable Zippers

Anti-Theft RFID-Vault Pouch Compatible 

Digital Safe-Zone features:

Cell/MP3 Player Safe-Zone

7” Mini-Tablet Safe-Zone

10” Tablet Safe-Zone

13” Laptop Safe-Zone

15” Laptop Safe-Zone

17” Laptop Safe-Zone 

Personal Safety Features:

NightSafe Reflectivity

Reflector/Light loop