Eagle Creek Introduces All-New Pack-It™ Prints



Sprinkling in Personality and Fun


San Diego, Ca. (June 18, 2018)– Eagle Creek, inventor of the Pack-It System and of packing organization category, is proud to introduce two new prints for Pack-It Original™ and Pack-It Specter™ for Spring 2019.

Embracing popular hand-drawn and multi-bright trends, the new Turismo and Turismo X-Ray prints tell a story of travel and packing with imagery of travel packs, clothes and camping gear. Like underwear for your luggage, Pack-It can add undercover fun to any adventure or packing challenge.  

The new prints are available in Eagle Creek’s most popular Pack-It™ Sets. The Turismo pattern is available in Pack-It Original™ Starter Set, Cube Set, and Compression Cube Set. Turismo X-Ray is available in Pack-It Specter™ Starter Set, Cube Set, Compression Cube Set and Sac Set. $27.95-$58.95

The new Pack-It Turismo and Turismo X-Ray Prints will be available at retail 1/1/19.


Pack-It Original™ Turismo

The Original and still the King

·       Pack-It Original™ Starter Set 

·       Pack-It Original™ Cube Set XS/S/M 


Pack-It Specter™

Lightweight does not mean boring

·       Pack-It Specter™ Starter Set 

·       Pack-It Specter™ Cube Set XS/S/M 

·       Pack-It Specter™ Sac Set S/M/L 



An invitation outside informs all Eagle Creek product designs, innovations and services. From versatile organizers that make travelling seamless to our durable duffels that keep the journey going, our gear and accessories make exploring the unknown possible, effortless and enriching. Eagle Creek. Find your unknown.



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By Alli Noland on January 1, 2019

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