February 6th, 2017

Eagle Creek Community Service

Eagle Creek Community Service

Eagle Creek believes that travel has the ability to inspire and enlighten. Our brand is founded on the core principal of integrity, from the products we make and the places we go to our personal actions.

Eagle Creek’s employee-led Live.Work.Travel.™ program encompasses the unique aspects of what they do, from community involvement to sustainability practices and global giving efforts. It’s how they make a positive impact in the places they live, work, and travel.

Eagle Creek enjoys volunteering in their local community to make a positive difference by supporting local non-profits, organizing company-wide volunteer Service Days, and making sustainable choices in our office buildings.

Non-profit partners:

Outdoor Outreach

North County Community Services    

Escondido Creek Conservancy

Pacific Crest Trail Association

Alaska Wilderness League

Casa De Emparo

Integrity is inherent in our work.

Eagle Creek values their relationships with business and supply chain partners. Keenly aware of the environmental impact of everything produced, they strive to minimize material waste, as well as source and manufacture with the least environmentally impactful fabrics, trims and packaging. Eagle Creek makes gear that lasts a lifetime, keeping product waste out landfills for as long as possible, and their uncompromising warranties speak to this core value.

Industry and manufacturing partners:


Conservation Alliance

European Outdoor Conservation Association

Outdoor Industry Association

Travel Goods Association

European Outdoor Group

People travel not just to see and connect, but also to learn and to grow as global citizens. Eagle Creek aspires to make a global impact by supporting international organizations aligned with their giving focus of water and education, encouraging employee involvement in volunteer trips and promoting responsible travel. Funding is focused in places where they want to have a lasting social, environmental or positive cultural impact.

Creeker Volunteer Trip Initiative 

Eagle Creek inspires and encourages people around the world to travel, create change and give back to the communities they enjoy visiting. As a participant in Eagle Creek’s Creeker Volunteer Trip Program, Eagle Creek employees have an opportunity to take five additional days off to travel and volunteer with a non-profit organization of their choice outside of the state they reside in.

Global Voluntourism partners:


Water For People

Kiva loans